Olympics Opening Ceremony Taught Us 5 Things About The World

NBC used its coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night to teach America five super important facts about the rest of the world.

With great fanfare, the 2012 Summer Olympics officially started Friday night. In the U.S., they didn't officially start on TV until hours after they actually began, because NBC felt the opening ceremony needed "context."

Our best guess is said "context" were the fascinating nuggets of information offered by Bob Costas and Matt Lauer during the Parade of Nations. Which is to say, NBC needed to take time to make sure its broadcast sounded as ignorant and arrogant as it possibly could.

How ignorant? The new "Bomani & Jones" delves into that very topic, looking at five things we learned about the world from Costas and Lauer. Here's a hint -- they're all things we wouldn't want someone to say about our countries with America watching.

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