Olympic cauldron moved inside stadium

The Olympic cauldron has been relocated to the south end of the stadium in London to accommodate track and field events, organizers of the games said.

Now the cauldron sits in the same spot the bell occupied during the opening ceremony, though it is still not visible to those outside the stadium.

The cauldron, made up of 204 steel pipes with copper petals at the end, had been centered in the Olympic stadium when it was lit at Friday's opening ceremony.

But to accommodate track and field events, the cauldron was moved during the stadium's 80-hour transformation, which turned it from a venue for Danny Boyle's theatrics into one for athletics.

The relocation was a multi-step process. First, the Olympic flame was transferred to a miner's lantern Sunday and remained there overnight. After the cauldron was relocated to its new position, Austin Playfoot -- a torchbearer at the London Games in 1948 and again this year -- transferred the flame from the lantern to the cauldron.