Old Guy Totally Messes Up NBC's Jessica Hardy Close-Up

NBC's captain of swimming coverage, Dan Hicks, was really into his story of American swimmer Jessica Hardy watching her fiancé, Swiss swimmer Dominik Meichtry, compete in the 200-meters freestyle on Sunday morning. And then some old guy sat down in front of Hardy and made the whole episode hilarious.

If you can watch this — an old guy sitting down in front of an attractive young woman who NBC was focusing on because of her Olympic pedigree (Hardy's the women's world record-holder in the 50- and 100-meters breaststroke, and won her first Olympic medal, a bronze, as a member of the women's 4 x 100 meters freestyle team on Saturday) and personal relationship to a competitor — without laughing, congrats: you have a stiffer upper lip than I do.

Also, you probably haven't seen the guy grilling the camera after sitting down just yet:

And now you're laughing.

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