2012 Summer Olympics: Arsen Galstyan Wins Men's 60kg Judo Gold

With a few events coming final on the first day of the 2012 Olympics, Russian Judoka Arsen Galsyan was able to take home the gold medal in men's 60 kg judo. Galsyan defeated Uzbekistan's Rishod Sobirov to move on to the gold medal round, landing a Yoko-guruma in the match. Galstyan defeated Korea's Choi Gwang-Hyeon on his way to the semi-final round.

Japan's Hiroaki Hiraoka was able to take the silver medal, adding to Japan's total Judo medal dominance. Hiraoka lost to Galstyan in the finals, as the Russian Judoka was able to get an Ippon (Soto-makikomi) 41 seconds into the match.

Brazil's Felipe Kitadi was able to win a bronze medal, defeating Italy's Elio Verde with a seoi-nage. Sobirov also picked up a bronze medal, defeating France's Sofiane Milous by waza-ari, as Milous was called for three penalties in the match.

Gold Medal: Arsen Galstyan, Russia
Silver Medal: Hiroaki Hiraoka, Japan
Bronze Medal A: Felipe Kitadi, Brazil
Bronze Medal B: Rishod Sobirov, Uzbekistan

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