Korean archer, legally blind in 1 eye, sets WR

South Korea's Im Dong-Hyun, who is legally blind in one eye, broke his own archery world record Friday during the men's ranking round at the London Olympics.

Im's score of 699 broke the previous 72-arrow record of 696 he set in May of this year.

The 26-year-old archer has bad vision in his right eye and is legally blind in his left. He said he wouldn't get too excited about the result because it's only the first round.

The Koreans broke their 216-arrow world record with 2,087 points as Kim Bubmin and Oh Jin-Hyek placed second and third -- Kim also broke Im's old individual mark.

France, China, the United States and Japan finished second through fifth in that order. Canada's Crispin Duenas placed eighth in the individual ranking round.

The last country other than South Korea to win a gold medal in the men's team competition was the U.S. in 1996.