Kevin Durant Is NOT Happy With This NBA Writer

So, apparently not everyone is feeling the Olympic spirit on Friday afternoon in London... As all the Olympic athletes get ready for the Opening Ceremony later today, this was Kevin Durant a few minutes ago.

Let's explain.

It all started when Sean Deveney, an NBA writer for the Sporting News, tweeted this earlier in the day:

From that tweet, it certainly sounds like Durant's coming to grips with the possibility of James Harden leaving after next season in Oklahoma City. The quote spread instantly.

But obviously, Durant thinks there was some context lost. Context that probably made him sound a lot less indifferent about losing Harden. Durant's since deleted the tweet, but he got the point across.

Deveney answered him a few minutes later, saying, "You did say that, that you don't get to make those choices in the end, right? I didn't imply at all you wouldn't want him back ..." But if anything, Durant's angry tweet speaks louder than any interview answers would.

Remember who we're talking about: I don't think we've ever seen Saint Kevin get that confrontational over anything--on or off the court--let alone openly call out someone in the media. So the biggest reason we're mentioning this is because, as far as his feeling's about Harden are concerned, today's reaction probably tells you everything you need to know about how KD feels.

...And hey, no matter what happens in free agency ... #SegwayBuddies4Life!