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LONDON — Apart from a wrong turn by a bus driver, a snarky tweet by a U.S. athlete, a few waterlogged venues and a scramble to find enough security guards, everything is fine at the London Olympics less than two weeks before opening ceremony, organizers insist. By Danica Kirka and Stephen Wilson. Sent.

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— OLY--London 2012-Transport. Bus trouble exposes transportation challenges for organizers. Sent.

— OLY--London 2012-Cabbies. Hundreds of London taxi drivers have blocked trafic in protest. Sent.

— OLY--London 2012-Tickets. Olympic organizers reduce capacity at several stadiums hosting football matches. Sent.



LONDON — The chief executive of the G4S security group acknowledges his company brought nationwide humiliation by not meeting its Olympic obligations. Nick Buckles is hard-pressed to explain to angry British lawmakers why his company's recuritment failed, forcing the government to call in 3,500 extra soldiers and police. Sent.

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LONDON — Britain's Olympics minister says the soldiers at the Olympic Park will give people "enormous reassurance" at the games. About 3,500 more troops are being brought to Olympic venues to fill the void left by private security contractor G4S, which couldn't provide enough guards. By Rob Harris. Sent.

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LONDON — Team Lopez is out for Olympic gold. Steven Lopez of the U.S. is taekwondo's biggest star. In London, he hopes to reclaim the gold he lost in Beijing as part of a family team: Older brother Jean is his coach, sister Diana is competing and younger brother Mark is a training partner. By Maria Cheng. Sent.

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LONDON — The guardians of the games are vigilant about protecting the integrity — and the commercial clout — of the Olympic brand. But even they can't stop the irreverent spirit of artists and craftspeople, who have responded to the games with a cheeky mix of celebration, skepticism and satire. By Jill Lawless. Sent.

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— LONDON — OLY--London Weather. Forecast says sun may shine on Olympics despite England's soaking summer. Sent.

— LONDON — OLY--Britain-Olympics-Fraud. A fraudster has been jailed for a scam that offered young dance students fake places in the closing ceremony for the London Olympics. Sent.