Phils' Manuel, umpire Davidson each suspended one game

Major League Baseball has suspended both Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel and umpire Bob Davidson for one game in the wake of their argument from Tuesday's game against Houston.

Manuel will sit out Friday's opener of a series against the Boston Red Sox, while Davidson will not work the first game of a set between Minnesota and Milwaukee.

Davidson's penalty, according to Major League Baseball, is a result of his repeated violations of the Office of the Commissioner's standards for situation handling. A minor league umpire will be recalled to work with his crew on Friday.

Tuesday's ejection was the second of the season for Manuel. He was upset after Houston's Jason Castro reached on a third-strike wild pitch when it appeared that Davidson impeded catcher Brian Schneider's path to the ball.

Manuel disputed the issue from the dugout and Davidson threw him out of the contest. The Phils' skipper then continued the argument on the field, nearly nose-to-nose with the veteran umpire, and the bill of Manuel's cap appeared to contact Davidson's forehead.