Miguel Cotto Ready for Mayweather Showdown

Fox News Latino speaks with boxer Miguel Cotto about his fight this Saturday with Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Four time world champion Miguel Cotto will take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday night for the WBA Super Welterweight Title. Cotto spoke to Fox News Latino in a video interview  about his trainer, Puerto Rican heritage, and being an underdog for the fight.

Fox News Latino: Miguel, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is at least a 4 1/2 to 1 favorite against you, they say he's too fast, he's too accurate - you’re the underdog. What’s your response to those who say that?

Miguel Cotto: "I don't need anyone else to believe in me - then me. I believe in myself. I work believing in my work. Believing in all I have to beat Mayweather on May 5 and that's the thing that's going to happen on Saturday."

FNL: I'm curious, how are you going to beat him?

Cotto: "My game plan is putting practice, putting in all the hard-work, all of the plans from my trainer Pedro designed for this fight, and that's the way to beat Mayweather on Saturday.

FNL: How did getting your revenge against Antonio Margarito in Decemeber change you?

Cotto: "This winning against Margarito last December brings me back things that he took away from me in 2008."

FNL: Miguel, you’re going to get the biggest pay day of your career at 8 million dollars…do you consider it the biggest fight of your career?

Cotto: "My upcoming fight is the most important fight until Saturday."

FNL: When you and Mayweather met for the weigh in and there was no trash talking, it was actually pretty calm, why?

Cotto:  "I don't know, if you need a response for that you have to talk to him."

FNL: Now, you’ve got a secret weapon in your corner, Former Cuban national trainer Pedro Diaz, talk about what makes him so good and how he helps you?

Cotto:  "The way he worked with me, the way he make me work everyday, the way he came everyday to the gym with the best he can, trying to take out of me the best I can, he's the best thing I've had in my career."

FNL: If you win this fight, how likely is it that we will see a second round of you vs Manny Pacquaio?

Cotto:  "I'm just focused on this fight, I don't talk about anything else until the next fight."

FNL: Do you think about your Puerto Rican pride, does it affect you at all before a fight?

Cotto: "I'm a Puerto Rican. I think a lot about my Puerto Rican hertiage, the Puerto Rican people, but I'm coming alone into the ring on Saturday night and I'm going to do my best for all the Puerto Rican fans."

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