Shane Mosley 'The Mexican Killer' Speaks To Fox News Latino

Fox News Latino speaks to boxer "Sugar" Shane Mosley about his fight this Saturday with Canelo Alvarez.


Fox News Latino Speaks To ‘The Mexican Killer’ Shane Mosley

The publicist couldn’t say what she was trying to confirm to me.

‘He has a history of beating… on Cinco de Mayo.  He’s known as… [long pause],’ she said.

“A Mexican Killer,” I added.  She was relieved that I had said it, not her.

“Sugar” Shane Mosley is a boxing legend. 

The former champion has beaten some of the biggest Mexican fighters, specifically Oscar De La Hoya and Antonio Margarito.

“I feel comfortable when I get in the ring with Mexican fighters,” said Mosley.

He’s fought Cinco De Mayo weekend before against the two biggest names in the sport.

Last year to Manny Pacquiao and in 2010 against this Saturday’s headliner Floyd Mayweather, he lost both times.

This Saturday he faces Canelo Alvarez, who at 21 is considered to be the next big premier fighter and is arguably the most prominent Mexican fighter right now.

Mosley who is 40 years old doesn’t see the age gap as a disadvantage.

“[I have] more experience.  I feel confident,” said Mosley.

At 40, Mosley’s days as a boxer are coming to an end. Mosley knows it but thinks he can squeeze out some more years.

“Realistically, three or four more years,” said Mosley.  “It depends on how I feel.”

Mosley vs. Canelo could end up being the more intriguing matchup this weekend as many expect Mayweather to handle Miguel Cotto in the main event.

One thing’s for sure, this weekend’s fight should be interesting.

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