Pacific to re-join WCC

The University of the Pacific on Wednesday accepted an invitation to join the West Coast Conference for the 2013-14 academic year.

Pacific was one of five founding members of the California Basketball Association in 1952 before it was renamed the West Coast Athletic Conference (WCAC) in 1956 and finally the WCC in 1989.

The Tigers helped charter the Pacific Coast Athletic Association, now the Big West, in 1969, and formally departed the WCAC in 1971.

"I am excited to welcome the University of the Pacific back to the West Coast Conference," WCC commissioner Jamie Zaninovich said in a statement. "Pacific brings to the West Coast Conference a strong geographical rival with excellent on-campus facilities and a recent history of athletic success in sports that are priorities for the WCC."

The men's basketball team at Pacific upset fifth-seeded Providence in the 2004 NCAA Tournament and knocked out Pittsburgh in 2005, part of a string of three straight tourney appearances from 2004-06. The Tigers finished first in the Big West during the 2007 and 2010 seasons but failed to win the conference tournament.

The university originally left the basketball-centric WCC to accommodate its football program, but discontinued football following the 1995 season.