Stafford, Burleson restructure contracts

A day before the start of the NFL's free agency period, a pair of Detroit Lions have again made a special commitment to the franchise.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Nate Burleson have agreed to restructure their respective contracts to give the club an extra $10 million in cap space with which to sign more key players.

Stafford, due to collect $11.5 million this season, has downgraded to the minimum, while Burleson will make only $875,000 in base salary, down from $4 million.

Both players will save Detroit a combined $9.175 million so that the Lions can meet the $120.6 million cap limit by 4 p.m. (et) on Tuesday.

This is the second time in as many seasons both players have agreed to a restructuring. Last year, they saved the franchise an estimated $7 million in cap space.

Standout defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is also reportedly in line for a contract restructure, but no deal has been finalized.