Cowboys Receiver Asks for $80G Ring Back After Failed Mailed Marriage Proposal

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams proves that even during the NFL lockout he can still fumble.

Williams filed a lawsuit against former Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels alleging that she kept a nearly $80,000 engagement ring despite declining his mailed marriage proposal, according to Odessa American.

In the lawsuit, Williams claims that he sent Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother, a recorded marriage proposal and a $76,600 engagement ring. 

Odessa American reports the affidavit claims Williams asked for the ring back, but Daniels said she lost it. The Cowboys receiver reported it to his insurance company and an investigation revealed that Daniels' father, Michael Daniels, had the ring.

Daniels says Williams told his daughter that he could keep the ring.

"He said [to Brooke], 'I'm not like a lot of people, I don't want the ring back. You'll eventually come back to me,' and she didn't," Daniels told the American.

Daniels also says that he will return the ring to avoid a lawsuit.

The two lived together for about a year before the breakup.