Lakers Coach Phil Jackson Offers Sage Advice: 'You Don't Smoke Peyote'

So Phil, what can you do with peyote?

In a very humorous moment following the Dallas Mavericks sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday, the Zen master had a tongue-in-cheek moment talking about hallucinogenic drugs.

After Dallas' 122-86 win, Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle said that Phil Jackson will be back coaching again.

"My belief is that he'll retire for awhile, but I don't know how long you can go to Montana and meditate and... smoke peyote or whatever he does there. He's gonna get bored, and I mean that in an endearing way."

Jackson chuckled at the comment when told during the press conference after the game.

"Well, first of all, you don't smoke peyote. That's one thing." 

Jackson also mused how he went out with a "sour note" after being fined $35,000 for criticizing officials.

"As Richard Nixon says, 'You won't be able to kick this guy around anymore.'"

Jackson reiterated during the press conference that he believed that was the last game he ever coached, but that has not stopped the rumor mill from swirling.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that the Knicks might possibly land Jackson in 2012.

"If the right situation presented itself, he would have to consider it," an NBA league source told the Post.

In his 20 years of coaching with the Chicago Bulls and the Lakers, Phil Jackson won an NBA record 11 championships and had an overall record of 1,384-589.