Erik Morales and Marcos Maidana Clash, in Style and Technique, In and Out of Boxing Ring

Erik Morales is trying to complete his comeback from retirement. 

Marcos Maidana, the bruiser from Argentina who will go toe-to-toe with Morales Saturday night, will try knock his Mexican opponent back into it.

"I respect him," Maidana said in a Fox Sports report. "He was one of the best of his time.

"But his time has passed," he added. "I'm in my prime. Now it's my turn."

The two boxers will do battle for the WBA world light welterweight title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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Morales, who retired in in 2007, has won his first three fights since returning. None of the fighters, however, were on Maidana's level.

"This is going to be a very, very good fight, a very important fight in my career, probably one of the most important fights," Morales said. "I'm trying to do something that no other Mexican fighter has : win a fourth division title, and I'm ready. I'm ready for the fight."

Maidana, who lost his last match to Amir Khan, is an aggressive fighter who tirelessly pursues his opponents.

"He will have pressure on him until the 12th round," Maidana said. "At some point, I'm going to catch him."

Morales, however, seemed unfazed by Maidana's bully style.

"He's a fighter that comes forward," Morales said. "He's going to be in front of me. But let me ask you something? Do you think he's faster than some of the fighters I faced? Do you think he hits harder than Pacquiao?

"I choose him for a reason," Morales added, "and I feel that I can win this fight." 

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