No Cheap Fix for New Roof of Minneapolis Metrodome

Dec. 12: Heavy snow causes the Metrodome's roof to collapse.

Dec. 12: Heavy snow causes the Metrodome's roof to collapse.  (Fox News)

It has been almost two months since the Minneapolis Metrodome roof collapsed just before the NFL matchup between the New York Giants and the Vikings. Now a big decision on what will happen to the collapsed roof is being discussed -- and it won't be cheap or quick.

Engineers on Thursday recommended completely replacing the collapsed Metrodome roof with a new one, saying 60 percent of the roof's panels need replacement, reported.

Since mid-December, three separate groups have been assessing the damage -- the roof’s designer, the roof’s engineer, and an independent engineering consulting group out of Austin, Texas.

Ted Mondale, who heads up the Metropolitan Sports Facility Commission, said the roof needs to be fixed no matter what happens in regards to a possible new stadium.

Mondale said making a decision is all about safety, not cost or what insurance may or may not pay. A full replacement could take five to six months to complete. 

However, time is of the essence, as the NFL preseason starts in August.

The cost of a roof replacement will be between $15 and $20 million, but it won't be taxpayer money, Mondale said. The Metrodome has paid its insurance and Mondale expects the insurer to cover the full cost.

The roof is made of 10 acres of Teflon-coated fiberglass that is supported by 20 90-horsepower fans. It weighs roughly 580,000 pounds and had failed three times previously.

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