TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The man who won an auction to buy a plate from Andre Agassi and see a naked picture of the tennis great's wife said Tuesday he is not 100 percent sure the nude back in the photo belonged to Steffi Graf.

Agassi took part in the auction while he was in Taiwan earlier this month for an exhibition tennis match. Standing on stage holding up the plate, Agassi said: "You pay more than $4,000, and I will show you a picture of my wife -- on my phone -- naked."

Franz Chen, CEO of Taiwanese porcelain manufacturer Franz Collection Inc., says he won the auction and that in exchange for the equivalent of $7,000 Agassi showed him a photo of the naked back of a blond woman.

"I couldn't see her face," said the 60-year-old businessman, whose company supplied the plate used in the auction. "But she did have a pretty good figure, and it was a very artistic photo."

Chen said he and Agassi did not delve further into the identity of the woman when they met the next day during the exhibition match against Russian player Marat Safin.

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"I only complimented Agassi on the beauty of his wife," Chen said. "He was very happy to hear the compliment."

Agassi won eight Grand Slam singles titles in his career, while Graf won 22. The two married in 2001 and have two children.