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CUP: Stevens On Pole For Legends Million

Friday marked day two of the inaugural Legends Million Weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Doug Stevens claimed the top starting position for Saturday’s Legends Million $250,000-to-win A-Feature.

Unofficial Results Legends Heat Races

Stevens, of Griffin, Ga., won the pole position by virtue of his heat race victory and his top speed in Thursday’s qualifying.

“It’s really special to be the fastest guy here,” said Stevens. “There are a lot of cars here and a lot of good drivers. To be on the top feels really good. Hopefully everything will go my way tomorrow and I’ll have good luck and can bring home the money!”

As a result of their first-place heat race finishes, David Ragan will start in second place, followed by Dennis Lambert, Daniel Hemric, Tyler Green, Sean Rayhall, Chad Finchum, Darrell Wallace Jr., David Moyes and Evan Swilling.

A total of 10 Legends Million division heat races were completed Friday to set the top-20 starting spots in Saturday’s A-Feature, and the top two finishers in each heat transferred into the main event. The next 10 positions in the Legends Million starting field will be set by the results of Saturday’s B-Feature races. Two additional spots will be determined Saturday as the winners of the Semi-Pro/Young Lions and Masters division A-Main races may enter the Legends Million field through a “Deal or No Deal.” This option gives them the opportunity to keep their $25,000 and $30,000 purses respectively or forfeit a portion of those winnings to enter the Legends Million. A final promoter’s provisional driver could be added to the A-Feature.

Also on Friday, five heat races were run in both the Masters and Semi-Pro/Young Lions divisions. The top-four finishers in each heat race moved on to set the top-20 starting spots in Saturday’s A-Main races for each division. The remaining 10 spots in each A-Main will be set by Saturday’s B-Feature races.

Clay Hair, of Mt. Pleasant, N.C., won the first of five heat races in the Masters division, putting him on the pole for Saturday’s $30,000-to-win A-Main race.

As a result of their first-place heat race finishes, Tim Brockhouse will start in second place, followed by John Sossoman, Brian Weimer and Jeff Jordan.

Sean Rayhall, of Winston, Ga., won the first of five heat races in the Semi-Pro/Young Lions division, putting him on the pole for Saturday’s $25,000-to-win A-Main race.

As a result of their first-place heat race finishes, Gregory Lang will start in second place, followed by Sean Shalvoy, Jake Knight and Timmy Hill.

The Bandolero Cars participated in the second round of the Bandolero Triple Crown, a three-night event with feature races in each of the three divisions: Bandolero Outlaws, Bandits and Beginner Bandits.

Bandolero feature winners included John Holleman, of Winston-Salem, N.C., in the Bandolero Outlaws division; Clayton Weatherman, of Wentzville, Mo., in the Bandolero Bandits division; and Reed Hatchett, of Knoxville, Tenn., in the Bandolero Beginner Bandits division.

The Legends Million, a one-of-a-kind race featuring a total purse of $1 million, is bringing Legend Car and Bandolero drivers from 36 sates and two foreign countries to the Mecca of Motorsports for the largest grassroots race in history. The A-Feature winner is guaranteed to take home $250,000, and the final spot in the feature is assured $10,000.

Competitors participating in the Legends Million are registered in one of three divisions: Young Lions/Semi-Pro, Masters or The Legends Million, which is open to all drivers.

The Legends Million will conclude Saturday with a full slate of racing action that will crown the champions in the Legends Million A-Feature and Masters and Semi-Pro/Young Lions divisions A-Main races. Spectator gates open and heat races begin at 1 p.m. Saturday’s tickets are just $25 for adults and $5 for children ages 12 and under.

Unofficial Results Legends Heat Races

For additional information or tickets to the Legends Million, contact the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit

Unofficial results:

Legends Million Division First Heat (20 laps): 1. Doug Stevens; 2. Adam Burton; 3. Travis Braden; 4. Ben Stancill; 5. Josh Williams; 6. Josh Morris; 7. Brandon McKenzie; 8. Kyle Goodwin; 9. Donovan Ponder; 10. Christopher Davis; 11. Scott Griffith; 12. Sean Shalvoy; 13. Warren Ropp; 14. Corey Gordon; 15. Sam Beam.

Legends Million Division Second Heat (20 laps): 1. David Ragan; 2. Samuel McAulay; 3. Donald McIntosh; 4. Jake Crum; 5. Kyle Rescoe; 6. Mike Alcaro; 7. Jake Morris; 8. Cole Powell; 9. Christopher Freeland; 10. Geoff Bodine; 11. Dave Riopelle; 12. Derek Shumaker; 13. Jerry Evans; 14. Christian Pahud.

Legends Million Division Third Heat (20 laps): 1. Dennis Lambert; 2. Brady Boswell; 3. Beau Slocumb; 4. Scott Hensley; 5. Aaron Moyer; 6. Brian McArdle; 7. Clay Hair; 8. Adam Welch; 9. Kenzie Ruston; 10. James Gilliland; 11. Stanley Yee Jr. 12. Billy Beachler; 13. Brian Ouimette; 14. Beau Hutchinson; 15. Kevin Henry.

Legends Million Division Fourth Heat (10 laps): 1. Daniel Hemric; 2. Steven Cantrell; 3. Kory Abbott; 4. John Sossoman; 5. Jimmy Henderson; 6. Bayley Currey; 7. James Dent; 8. Gerald White; 9. Cody Haskins; 10. Michael Kipp; 11. Shaun Buffington; 12. Michael Van Wingerden; 13. Thomas Barton; 14. Casey Roderick; 15. Eric Gunderson.

Legends Million Division Fifth Heat (20 laps): 1. Tyler Green; 2. Zachery Hausler; 3. Austin Hill; 4. Gray Gaulding; 5. Donny St. Ours; 6. Zach Weaver; 7. Chrissy Wallace; 8. Zac Kittle; 9. Adam Gay; 10. John Hilliker; 11. Jordan Anderson; 12. Sean Glennon; 13. Kyle Lovejoy; 14. Chris Reid; 15. Steven Ross.

Legends Million Division Sixth Heat (20 laps): 1. Sean Rayhall; 2. Justin Swilling; 3. Nick Pistone; 4. Kyle Plott; 5. Andrew Smith; 6. Chad Hackenbracht; 7. Andrew Smith; 8. Chase Pistone; 9. Ronny Freeland; 10. Bryce Dulabhan; 11. Brandon Kent; 12. R.S. Senter; 13. John Turnbull; 14. Jake Knight.

Legends Million Division Seventh Heat (20 laps): 1. Chad Finchum; 2. Chris Dilbeck; 3. John Freeman; 4. Thomas Hartenveld Jr.; 5. Steven Abbey; 6. Josh Gilbert; 7. Taylor Hull; 8. Michael Gervais Jr.; 9. Chance Rice; 10. Matthew Stover; 11. Steven Keesee; 12. Zack Knowles; 13. Davin Scites. Did not start: Eddie Harwell

Legends Million Division Eighth Heat (20 laps): 1. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 2. Kyle Beattie; 3. Justin Lloyd; 4. Mason Massey; 5. Duncan Molesworth; 6. Harrison Rhodes; 7. Cole Miktuk; 8. Drew Brown; 9. Jimmy Hansen; 10. Kodi Sunley; 11. Dace Johnson; 12. Cody Logan; 13. Jake Cole; 14. Marshall Beck.

Legends Million Division Ninth Heat (20 laps): 1. David Moyes; 2. Kyle Weatherman; 3. Brandon Thomson; 4. Jason Palmer; 5. Timmy Hill; 6. Dennis Harry; 7. Trevor Alspach; 8. John Gottsacker; 9. Loren Short; 10. Tommy Flannery; 11. Tommy Pistone III; 12. William Elmore; 13. Ryan Gandee; 14. Will Prance.

Legends Million Division Tenth Heat (20 laps): 1. Evan Swilling; 2. Nick Carey; 3. Scott Moseley; 4. Eric King; 5. Casey Smith; 6. Michael Dabney Jr.; 7. Jimmy Heavlow; 8. Jason Richardson; 9. Ryan Paul; 10. Brian Sockwell; 11. Rick Walls; 12; JC Umscheid; 13. Michael Kelley; 14. Tyler Lester.

Masters Division First Heat (20 laps): 1. Clay Hair; 2. Hoyt Demis; 3. Brian Sockwell; 4. Will Cagle; 5. Jamie Lane; 6. Robert Merino; 7. Dave Gleason; 8. Steve Pye; 9. Rick Wetmore; 10. Brian Tinker; 11. Joe Graf; 12. Don Hawk. Disqualified: Scott Anderson

Masters Division Second Heat (20 laps): 1. Tim Brockhouse; 2. David Denham; 3. Tom Pistone; 4. Dennis White; 5. Jackie Ryan; 6. Chris Freeland; 7. George Whitney; 8. Ronnie Poley; 9. Warren Ropp; 10. Thomas Gray; 11. Tony Miller; 12. Grant McDonald; 13. Terry Myers.

Masters Division Third Heat (20 laps): 1. John Sossoman; 2. Eddie Harwell; 3. Buddy Goudy; 4. Kevin Foisy; 5. John Barilka; 6. Bruce Silver; 7. Gene Traxler; 8. Jimmy Gurley; 9. Bert De Heus; 10. Phillip Young; 11. Darrell Holmes; 12. Cees Visser; 13. Jamie Smith.

Masters Division Fourth Heat (20 laps): 1. Brian Weimer; 2. Jason Rochelle; 3. Scott Moseley; 4. Cy Harvey; 5. Ira Laughy; 6. Lynn Wiles; 7. Michael Morris; 8. Doug Dugger; 9. Eric Hipkins; 10. Spike Schultze; 11. Greg Erhardt; 12. Ronald Mander. Disqualified: Jeff Haynie.

Masters Division Fifth Heat (20 laps): 1. Jeff Jordan; 2. Billy Gomez; 3. Skip Nichols; 4. Gene Conley; 5. Jan Ingram; 6. Brad Green; 7. Marty Griffin; 8. Bob Bass; 9. Darrell Buckingham; 10. Richard Vredenburg; 11. Dave Riopelle; 12. Randy Gunton.

Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division First Heat (20 laps): 1. Sean Rayhall; 2. Kyle Hall; 3. Gray Gaulding; 4. T.J. Michael; 5. Andrew Harrah; 6. Kevin Donhaue; 7. Anderson Bowen; 8. Austen Duncan; 9. Jake Perkins; 10. Brandon Brakeleer; 11. Dustin Sword; 12. Antonio Cardenas; 13. Shon Jacobsen; 14. David Hudson; 15. Derek Marquardt; 16. CJ Hulsey; 17. Allen Fuesting.

Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division Second Heat (20 laps): 1. Gregory Lang; 2. Brady Boswell; 3. Spencer Boyd; 4. Mike Weed; 5. Dusty Summers; 6. Zach Knowles; 7. Chris Young; 8. Josh Morris; 9. Andrea Hans; 10. Daniel Ivaska; 11. Brandon Kent; 12. Chandler Levan; 13. Matthew Cardenas; 14. Robert Kuczmarski; 15. Ralph Bergdahl; 16. James Bergdahl. Did not start: Tyler Goodwin

Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division Third Heat (18 laps): 1. Sean Shalvoy; 2. Ryan Flores; 3. Austin Leitner; 4. Tyler Hill; 5. Kenny VanWinckle; 6. Jake Spiller; 7. Joe Pike; 8. Angela Donahue; 9. Raven Schrantz; 10. Justin Thomas; 11. Jake Morris; 12. Jordan Coker; 13. Benjamin Rhodes; 14. Amanda Yarrow; 15. John Cain; 16. Tyler Castle; 17. Jesse Little.

Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division Fourth Heat (20 laps): 1. Jake Knight; 2. Chase Catania; 3. Kason Plott; 4. Justin Carroll; 5. Luke Demis; 6. Hunter Bledsoe; 7. Chris Coker; 8. Zach Alspach; 9. Ryan Luza; 10. Trent Miley; 11. J Alston; 12. Trent Norris; 13. Matt Norris 14. Cory Krasel; 15. Jeffrey Goodail; 16. Franklin Furtrell; 17. Anna Lisa Smith.

Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division Fifth Heat (20 laps): 1. Timmy Hill; 2. Mason Massey; 3. R.S. Senter; 4. Alex Pacheco; 5. Austin Langenstein; 6. Brian Kolb; 7. Andrew Sciranko; 8. Corey Gordon; 9. Dace Johnson; 10. William Cunningham; 11. Loren Short; 12. Chris Lishamer; 13. Cody Logan; 14. Hayden Woods; 15. Brett Semeniuk; 16. David Garbo; 17. Sean Sheehan.

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (15 laps): 1. John Holleman; 2. Ryan Shattuck; 3. Matthew Linker; 4. Reid Wilson; 5. Clayton Green; 6. Ryan Mackintosh; 7. Myatt Snider; 8. Walker Yates; 9. Coty Hartson; 10. Benn Klatt; 11. Parker Barnes; 12. Craig Biryla; 13. Taylor Martin; 14. Dillion Brown; 15. Jeffrey Stanton; 16. Joshua Plummer; 17. Tyler Janocha; 18. Riley Halverson.

Bandolero Bandits Feature (15 laps): 1. Clayton Weatherman; 2. Carson Ferguson; 3. Garrett Biggers; 4. Jeffrey Abbey; 5. Kaz Grala; 6. Payton Ryan; 7. Kodie Conner; 8. Trevor Collins; 9. Joe Wilder; 10. Reese Chase; 11. Kyle Donahue; 12. Max Evans; 13. Derek Sobel; 14. Chase Hawkins.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Feature (15 laps): 1. Reed Hatchett; 2. Banks Johnson; 3. John Kuczmarski; 4. Tate Fogleman; 5. Trevor Hawkins; 6. Matt Craig; 7. Dalton Brown; 8. Jacob Hefner; 9. Scott Joy; 10. Dawson Cram; 11. Sprout Royal. Did not start:: Hunter Richards.