Mets' Reyes back in camp after thyroid issue

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP) — New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes was back in camp Wednesday and working out for the first time in 19 days after being sidelined because of a hyperactive thyroid.

Reyes was all smiles, even in between sprints that clearly had him winded. He resumed workouts his first day back and said he couldn't be happier to be preparing for baseball again.

"I feel like a little kid again," said Reyes, whose blood work from a team physical raised enough concern with team doctors to pull him from stretching March 5.

After further tests, Reyes was prohibited from doing any physical activity until his thyroid levels returned to normal. He will be tested weekly and remains on a special diet that excludes eating seafood.

The 26-year-old shortstop was tested again Monday and found out Tuesday morning he could resume baseball activities. Reyes said he was relieved after the initial prognosis indicated he might miss as many as eight weeks.

"Every time I did a test, I expected to be better," Reyes said. "I went the next day and waited for good news. It was (always) bad news, 'You have to wait another week.' That was the tough thing for me because I wanted good news. They gave me the good news yesterday morning so I was happy about that."