Celtic punk rock inspires Wescott heroics

By Kevin Fylan

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - America's double Olympic champion Seth Wescott found inspiration for his epic snowboard cross comeback listening to a Boston punk rock band who rouse pride in his Celtic heritage.

Wescott had his iPod on as usual during Monday's time trial and his poor performance may or may not have been down to the distracting sounds of Dropkick Murphys, whose ear-bleeding, Irish-tinged songs include "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" from the Oscar-winning film The Departed.

Wescott, also the champion in Turin in 2006, finished a disappointing 17th in the time trial but took inspiration from a band who have also recorded "Curse Of A Fallen Soul," "Famous For Nothing" and "Victory" and hauled back Canada's Mike Robertson to win the final.

"I do listen to music on my iPod in the time trial," Wescott told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.

"Mostly for the last year or so, coming from New England, I've been listening to the Dropkick Murphys out of Boston.

"I grew up as a skateboarder and so punk music is part of that scene and that lifestyle.

"The combination of things they have, bringing traditional sounds like the bagpipes into it, the Irish heritage.

"Basically all my heritage comes from the British Isles and so there's something about that for whatever reason I've had pride in since I was a young kid and just does something to me emotionally and gets me fired up."

(Editing by Jon Bramley)