Canada keeps Ryan Getzlaf on hockey roster

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Canada is keeping Ryan Getzlaf on its roster a week after he injured his ankle and missed two games.

Hockey rosters had to be set by Monday, the day before competition begins. Getzlaf likely sealed his spot on the team Sunday with two goals and two assists for the Anaheim Ducks. It was the forward's first game after he sprained his left ankle.

"In my mind, it's pretty made up," Getzlaf said Sunday night after beating Edmonton. "Obviously, I would like to be there. If my ankle's fine in the morning, it won't be a hard decision for me."

Hockey Canada executive director Steve Yzerman asked Philadelphia Flyers forward Jeff Carter to travel to Vancouver in case Getzlaf wasn't cleared to play. Unlike the Turin Games, teams don't have the luxury of carrying extra players in the event of injury.

Yzerman, a Hall of Fame player and first-time Olympic executive, will open himself up to second-guessing if Getzlaf has a setback — Carter has been healthy and hot, scoring five goals in his last four games.

"There's a lot of uncertainty," Yzerman said at a news conference Saturday. "That's what makes it difficult, and that's what makes it a risk for a guy to play early after that type of injury."

Hockey Canada officials urged players not to hide health problems. Some did that four years ago, leading to a seventh-place finish at the Turin Games.

"It's nobody's fault because you're an athlete and it's tough for anyone to say you can't play," Hockey Canada associate director Kevin Lowe said. "So we asked that the players recognize that, that unless they're close to 100 percent, they let us know so that we can replace them with a player that's 100 percent."

The Canadians play their first game Tuesday against Norway. Ducks coach Randy Carlyle is confident Getzlaf will be ready.

"He went out and proved he's quite capable of playing to a high level, and he's to be commended," Carlyle said. "To think he would play in this game after reviewing the injury ... it's just amazing. It was all up to him."