Men's downhill at high risk of postponement

Published February 12, 2010

| AP

WHISTLER, British Columbia (AP) — The men's downhill that is to open Alpine skiing at the Olympics on Saturday is at high risk of being postponed.

"Right now, we need the temperature to go down," race director Guenter Hujara said Friday. "If it remains the same I can say for sure there will be no downhill tomorrow.

The race is scheduled to start at 11:45 a.m. local time. The forecast then calls for a high of 43 degrees and the wind to be at more than 30 mph with a mix of rain, snow, sleet and fog at the course's midpoint.

"We know that we have accurate weather forecasting for what lies ahead and we'll take the necessary steps to see what we can safely call racing out there," said Peter Bosinger, the Vancouver organizing committee's sport manager for Alpine skiing.

The forecast is similar to the warm weather that prompted both men's and women's downhill training to be canceled Friday.

Rain pelted the bottom portion of the Dave Murray downhill course virtually all day, turning the slope into a slushy mess.

The women's super-combined originally scheduled for Sunday has already been postponed indefinitely, with a training session slated instead.

Bosinger indicated that if the men's downhill is postponed, it might not be held Sunday, either.

"The priority would be for the ladies to get a training run off at some point," Bosinger said. "There's still time. We're still in the early phases of the games and we have reserve days."