Sweet romance: Valentine’s Day desserts for lovers

Nothing conjures up more thoughts of love on Valentine’s Day than a sweet treat to share with your significant other. Check out these selections by food reporter Cindi Avila.


Clementine Soufflé from Capsouto Frères in New York, NY 

The Clementine is known as the love child of a mandarin and an orange. So it’s no coincidence that Capsouto Frères in New York City decided to make use this tart fruit in this Valentine’s Day dessert. The restaurant referred to as the "soufflé sanctuary" has the waiter assembling this tableside by piercing a hole in the billowing top, pouring in clementine sauce, and topping it with a dollop of whipped cream.

Capsuoto Frères


Sweethearts Red Velvet Cake from Chez Zee in Austin, TX 

It’s almost like Red Velvet Cake was made for lovers. The color instantly makes you nostalgic. Chez Zee in Austin, Texas describes their Sweethearts Red Velvet cake as one worth swooning over. It is moist vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate and a rich cream cheese frosting.

Chez Zee


Blood Orange Mousse from Quiessence in Phoenix, AZ 

Quiessence in Phoenix declares “blood oranges and chocolate are perfect aphrodisiacs in this seasonal playful and romantic dessert.” The plate features white chocolate and blood orange mousse with chocolate financier, kettle corn sherbet and caramel corn.



Cinnamon Churros from Nacional 27 in Chicago, IL 

These cinnamon churros from Nacional 27 in Chicago are topped with Dulce de Leche ice cream. Chef Chico Vilchez says, "Our Churros are actually separated into 4 pieces making them perfect to share with someone you love, and it’s the perfect dessert experience: sweet, salty, small and satisfying."

Anjali Pinto


Del Frisco's Chocolate Mousse. Fort Worth, TX 

There is something about the velvety smooth texture of mousse that makes it a perfect dessert to dig into on the “love”liest day of the year. Del Frisco’s in Fort Worth, Texas, will be serving this house-made milk chocolate mousse with Grand Marnier-soaked lady fingers, garnished with fresh raspberries, a chocolate stick and a mint leaf.

Del Frisco’s


Chocolate Bliss from Finale in Boston, MA 

Finale in Boston figures the perfect finale to a meal on Valentine’s Day is chocolate and more chocolate. The Chocolate Bliss features the restaurant’s signature Molten Chocolate served with crème anglaise; a Napoleon of Valrhona Caraibe chocolate layered with cherry marmalade and Bavarian crème; a praline feuilletine with passion fruit curd; Valrhona Guanaja chocolate meringue cake; two caipirinha truffles and more.



Pot de Crème from Terra in Sante Fe, New Mexico 

Call this a pot of love. This Pot de Crème from Terra in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is butterscotch flavored. The result is a silky and luscious dessert topped with whipped cream, cocoa and pralines. Grab two spoons and dig right in.

Terra at Encantado


Double Chocolate Bread Pudding from Rare Bar & Grill in New York, NY 

In this decadent dessert, chocolate itself isn’t enough. So to make it doubly good, chocolate chips are melted into RARE's homemade chocolate bread pudding. The New York City restaurant adds a scoop of vanilla ice cream to balance out the flavors. With so much rich chocolate goodness, this dessert is meant to be shared.

Rare Bar & Grill


Strawberry Ice Box Pie From Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, FL 

Studies show that the color red can increase the rate of respiration and raise blood pressure. So when diners at the legendary Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa order this strawberry ice box pie on Valentine’s Day, they clearly want to get a dessert that will help set the mood. It features a house-made graham cracker crust and strawberry cream cheese mousse.

Amy Pezzicara/Pezz Photo


Blueberry Soufflé from Circa 1886 in Charleston, SC 

Circa 1886 Executive Chef Marc Collins says, "The souffle is the epitome of romance. It's light and beautiful and must be handled in a delicate manner, much like a new found love”. The blueberry soufflé from the Charleston, South Carolina restaurant is described as sweet, tart, creamy and fruity. It’s served with lemon ice cream and vanilla anglaise.

Holger Obenaus


Yin & Yang chocolate fondue from The Melting Pot , Various Locations 

It’s Valentine’s Day every day of the year at The Melting Pot, the country’s largest chain of fondue restaurants. Their signature Yin & Yang chocolate fondue is the perfect treat to compliment lovers. It’s half dark chocolate and half white chocolate artfully swirled for a perfect balance of flavors. Dip in some strawberries or marshmallows and feed each other for an added element of fun.

The Melting Pot


Chocolate Heartthrob Cake from The Party Helpers in San Jose, CA 

Kirstin Dickins, owners of the Party Helpers in San Jose, says the idea behind this Valentine’s Day dessert was to keep your heart aflutter and healthy at the same time. It features white, milk and dark chocolate mousse on a genoise soaked in Grand Marnier with a berry crown and dark chocolate drizzle. Dickins says “Indulge in this Chocolate Heartthrob Cake and remember – berries pack a powerful punch of vitamin C, K and fiber and dark chocolate is comprised of supreme immune boosting antioxidants.”

The Party Helpers


La Framboise at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas, NV 

This gorgeous creation is like giving a flower and chocolates at the same time. It’s from Executive Pastry Chef Kamel Guechida at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas. It’s actually white chocolate filled with fresh raspberries, yuzu ice cream and lemon Mascarpone mousse. Warm raspberry coulis is then poured over the ball, causing it to blossom like a flower.

MGM Resorts International


Coconut Chiffon Cake from Solera in Minneapolis, MN 

Spanish cuisine never tasted so sweet. This coconut chiffon cake from Solera in Minneapolis looks like a piece of modern art. It’s complimented with ancho chocolate ganache, cherry sorbet, macerated cherries and caramelized white chocolate. It’s meant to be shared.

Brian Roby

Sweet romance: Valentine’s Day desserts for lovers

Nothing conjures up more thoughts of love on Valentine’s Day than a sweet treat to share with your significant other. Check out these selections by food reporter Cindi Avila.

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