Better blonde or brunette?

Celebs with restless hair syndrome.

Anna Paquin

The "True Blood" star sported a darker hue while attending an event with her husband and former co-star Stephen Moyer. The typically blonde actress looked very different with brown hair. The dark color is harsh against her skin tone. Click here for more pictures of the star on


Kylie Jenner

From plumped up lips to her racy style, the youngest Jenner child is known for constantly changing her look. Now the 18-year-old showed off her newly blonde locks on Instagram. She also debuted a new piercing, click here to see it.


Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles showed off a darker hue on Instagram. While the singer might like her new look, her son is not a fan. "My son's response upon seeing my new color:' No, not that one.'" Click here for more photos of the country singer on


Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum

Kanye West now has a platinum wife to go with his platinum albums. Go to for more pics of Kim blonde, and brunette.

January Jones

Remember when the former "Mad Men" star went brunette? Thank goodness Jones' darker do was short lived; she looks much better as a blonde. Click here for more pictures of the actress on


Justin Bieber

The Biebs has gone blond. Justin seemed to be trying out a new bleached look when he ditched his brown locks. Do you prefer Bieber as a blond? Click here for more pictures of the singer on


Sarah Hyland

The "Modern Family" actress looks like a different person with her new blond do. "They say blonde's have more fun. Let's see how this goes," Hyland wrote on Instagram. Click here for more pictures of the actress.


Renee Zellweger: Better Blonde

The dooey skinned actress looks much better with lighter hair, and makeup.


Reese Witherspoon: Better Blonde

The Oscar winner has sometimes sported a much darker 'do. It definitely strips her of that innocent southern charm (or that could be her recent arrest). 


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian looks like a different person with blonde hair. Do you think she's trying to distance herself from her increasingly disliked sister Kim?  


Or now that her husband Lamar Odom plays for the Dallas Mavericks, perhaps she's just trying to fit in with a traditional Texas hairstyle?



Holly Madison

With personal hair stylists, it's not hard for celebs to experiment with hair color more often than the average gal. But sometimes, no matter how beautiful the star, they shouldn't stray from their natural roots. 

Holly Madison posed for Life & Style magazine showing off her massive closet - and her new brown locks.

Click for more pics of Holly on

Regardless, click through to see who else has been hittin' the hair dye.


Scarlett Johansson: Better Blonde

Scarlett Johansson is one of those rare creatures who can pull off platinum blonde as well as rich brunette. We chose blonde as the winning shade for this siren because it gives her that 40's pin-up girl appeal that so few actresses have anymore.


Miley Cyrus: Better Dirty Blonde

Miley Cyrus seemed for a while like she was laying low and staying out of the headlines. That was until she chopped off all of hair and bleached it blonde.

After the drastic change, the singer said she felt more like herself than ever.

Click here for more Miley Cyrus photos.

Mary-Kate Olsen: Better Blonde

While darker hair made it easier to distinguish Mary-Kate from her twin sis Ashley, blonde hair is definitely a better fit for the tiny twin.


Lindsay Lohan: Better Brunette

Linday Lohan seems to suffer from Restless Hair Syndrome and changes her hair color as often as most people change their socks. One shade the troubled actress should shelve for good is the platinum blonde, which ages her about 10 years. Dark shades, like her natural auburn red, or rich browns, are much more flattering with her complexion.


Kim Kardashian: Better Brunette

Kim K. made a name for herself as a sexy reality star with long black locks that were part of her signature look.

So when the reality star stepped out with a blonde style in 2009, fans were shocked.

But not to worry, the star was back to her black locks in a matter of weeks.


Katy Perry: Better Brunette

At the premiere of "The Smurfs," Smurfette's voice and pop singer Katy Perry showed off a new look with cropped strawberry blonde locks.

The singer, known for her sexy pinup, jet-black hair looked excited to show off her new lighter 'do, which was actually a return to her natural hair color.

But the jury is out on whether fans will embrace Perry's drastic change. We like her better with a darker style, but Katy looks great both ways.

Click through to see more stars who can't make up their minds on haircolor.


Jennifer Lawrence: Better Blonde

The "Silver Linings Playbook" star looks like quite the California girl when she's sporting golden locks. 


Hilary Duff: Better Blonde

Life as an edgy Brunette just didn't suit the adorable Hilary Duff. Blonde hair works much better with her signature sunny disposition.


Fergie: Better Blonde

Fergie has sported some crazy hairdos over the years. The darker shade definitely looks nice, but blonde locks definitely look better against the singer's bronzed complexion.


Cameron Diaz: Better Blonde

While dark hair made her eyes ridiculously striking, Cameron Diaz will always be the eternal blonde, California gal and any other shade is just...wrong.


Britney Spears: Better Blonde

After her little head-shaving incident, Britney Spears seemed to experience great difficulty deciding on a hair color. Hopefully she'll stop the madness and figure out what we all know: Blonde is best for Brit!


Ashley Tisdale: Better Blonde

'High-School Musical' star Ashley Tisdale is made to be blonde and looks a little too plain jane as a brunette.


Angelina Jolie: Better Brunette

Jolie sported many different looks to play a CIA agent in the film "Salt." As the image of Angie wearing an ashy-blond wig reveals, her winning shade is definitely a sultry, dark brown.


Better blonde or brunette?

Celebs with restless hair syndrome.

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