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Who has Hollywood's most impressive abdominal muscles?

Sexy six -- and even eight -- packs.

Name Those Abs!

Hollywood is among the fittest area codes in the country, but even there, some abs stand out.


Why, They're Gwen Stefani's Abs!

The No Doubt singer has become at least as famous for her middle as her middle-of-the road pop songs.

Which is a burn akin to how many calories she must burn to keep such a physique.

We could do this all day but we'll stop now.





Name Those Abs!

Hint: They were born in 1969.


Smart Water

Why, They're Jen Aniston's Abs!

So all it takes to get abs like this is drinking Smart Water?

Best news we've heard all week!

Okay that's enough quizzing, now we'll just show you some abs.


Karina Smirnoff

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Karina Smirnoff's abs are seriously intimidating. 

Click here for more pics of her from X17

Elle Fanning

Dakota's little sis is determined to keep her slim figure. The teen was spotted showing off her abs of steel while leaving a Hollywood gym. And she didn't even break a sweat. 

Click here to see more pics of Elle's abs from X17.

Kristin Cavallari

In Hollywood, a ripped stomach says "I am so committed to by bod, I do 867 sit-ups a day, which makes me better than you, so stop looking at me."

For instance, take Kristin Cavallari. Sure she was a meanie on 'The Hills', but we can’t get past the mean abs on this reality blonde. 

See more of athletic Kristin in a bikini at, and don’t miss a roundup of sexy stars that were jocks in school!


Mel B

She rocked the world as a single Spice Girl, and can now be seen sporting a rock-hard stomach, along with a husband and kids.

Ogle more Mel at, and don’t miss another celebrity mom with an amazing bathing suit bod, Courteney Cox! !

Michael Williams

Kellan Lutz

He may defer to Robert Pattinson in the "Twilight" universe, but here on Earth he’s got a chiseled stomach so hard it would probably repel a vampire bite. 

See even steamier pics of Kellan at, and check out new shots of fellow hard-bodied blonde Sophie Monk surfing.


Anna Kournikova

She has carved out a miraculous stomach for herself over the years, even after she gave up playing professional tennis.

Get more grand slam bikini shots of Anna at, and don’t miss Britney Spears in brand new swimsuit pics!


Carmen Electra

A flat and defined dancer’s stomach is just one way Electra stays in the game. 

Get more edible Electra in bikinis at, and check out Miranda Kerr’s newest Victoria’s Secret shoot!�

Stephanie Seymour

Her abs have stood the test of time. 

Look at more lovely Seymour shots at, and see how she compares to another bikini-modeling vet in Cindy Crawford.


Audrina Patridge

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to be, Patridge's abs in a pear tree.

See more Audrina bathing suit shots here, and don’t miss another slammin' brunette with recent swimsuit shots of Alessandra Ambrosio.�

Teri Hatcher

The former "Desperate Housewives" star's belly shows no signs of desperation. Except maybe for food.

Get a taste of more toned Teri at, and check out other beauties with sexy shots of actresses that can also sing.

Mandatory Credit_

Mario Lopez

Lopez wears many hats—actor, television host, eight-pack poster boy. 

Head to for more ripped looks of Mario, and check out the ab-tastic transformation of another hunk, Taylor Lautner!

Nicollette Sheridan

She's a Hollywood survivor, thanks in part to some of the best abs in Tinsel Town! 

More bikini-clad Sheridan at, and see recent shots of fellow over-40 star Julia Roberts in her swimsuit!

Sasha Lazic

Miranda Kerr

She's kept her insanely toned tummy even after giving birth. And for that, we thank her.

Check out amazing Miranda bikini shots at, and don’t miss fellow Victoria’s Secret model Emanuela de Paula's latest swimsuit shoot!


Who has Hollywood's most impressive abdominal muscles?

Sexy six -- and even eight -- packs.

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