The Kelly File

Tuesday on 'The Kelly File'

Tuesday on 'The Kelly File'

As policing and race dominate the conversation in politics, sports and entertainment, Megyn discusses the effects on the country with Sheriff David Clarke and NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on The Kelly File


  • Marc Thiessen

    Marc Thiessen

    Political commentator
  • Mark Burns

    Mark Burns

    Founder & President of The NOW Television Network
  • David Clarke

    David Clarke

    Milwaukee sheriff
  • Bill Bratton

    Bill Bratton

    NYC Police Commissioner
  • Brent Bozell

    Brent Bozell

    President, Media Research Center
  • Mark Eiglarsh

    Mark Eiglarsh

    Criminal defense attorney
  • Andell Brown

    Andell Brown

  • Krystal Ball

    Krystal Ball

    Journalist and Activist
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