The Kelly File

Tuesday on 'The Kelly File'

Tuesday on 'The Kelly File'

Is the Benghazi committee falling apart? Brit Hume reacts. Plus Dr. Ben Carson talks the latest 2016 politics. And why Oregon shooting victims do not want President Obama to visit


  • Marc Thiessen

    Marc Thiessen

    Political Commentator
  • Brit Hume

    Brit Hume

    Fox News senior political analyst
  • Ben Carson, M.D.

    Ben Carson, M.D.

    Republican Presidential Candidate
  • Mark Eiglarsh

    Mark Eiglarsh

    Criminal defense attorney
  • Arthur Aidala

    Arthur Aidala

    Fox News Legal Analyst
  • Trey Gowdy

    Trey Gowdy

    South Carolina Congressman
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