The Kelly File

Monday on 'The Kelly File'

Monday on 'The Kelly File'

What the latest Hillary Clinton emails reveal about the foundation and the State Department. Plus, the debate over Beyonce's VMA performance. And, Mike Huckabee talks Trump's upcoming immigration speech


  • Chris Stirewalt

    Chris Stirewalt

    Fox News digital politics editor
  • Shannen Coffin

    Shannen Coffin

    Former General Counsel to Dick Cheney
  • Mike Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee

    Former Arkansas governor
  • Pete Hegseth

    Pete Hegseth

  • Eric Guster

    Eric Guster

    Trial attorney, political commentator
  • David Wohl

    David Wohl

    Trial attorney
  • Richard Fowler

    Richard Fowler

    Radio host
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