The Kelly File

Friday on 'The Kelly File'

Friday on 'The Kelly File'

What impact might a WikiLeaks release have for the Clinton campaign and new attack ads have for the Trump campaign? Powerful election countdown analysis on a special edition of 'The Kelly File'


  • Chris Stirewalt

    Chris Stirewalt

    Fox News digital politics editor
  • Howard Kurtz

    Howard Kurtz

    Host, "MediaBuzz"
  • Alan Colmes

    Alan Colmes

    Host, 'The Alan Colmes Show'
  • Bud Jackson

    Bud Jackson

    Democratic media and general consultant
  • David Wohl

    David Wohl

    Trial attorney
  • Dinesh D'Souza

    Dinesh D'Souza

  • Nomiki Konst

    Nomiki Konst

    Political analyst, communications strategist
  • Ben Carson, M.D.

    Ben Carson, M.D.

    Retired neurosurgeon; Former 2016 Republican presidential candidate
  • Julie Roginsky

    Julie Roginsky

    Democratic strategist, Fox News contributor
  • Boris Epshteyn

    Boris Epshteyn

    Republican political strategist
  • Anita McBride

    Anita McBride

    Former chief of staff for Laura Bush
  • Matthew Continetti

    Matthew Continetti

    Editor, Washington Free Beacon
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