The Kelly File

Friday on 'The Kelly File'

Friday on 'The Kelly File'

Reaction to President Obama's call for a 'full review' into claims that the election was hacked by Russia


  • Chris Stirewalt

    Chris Stirewalt

    Fox News digital politics editor
  • Mike Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee

    Former Arkansas governor
  • Julie Roginsky

    Julie Roginsky

    Democratic strategist, Fox News contributor
  • Larry Sabato

    Larry Sabato

    Director, Univ. of Virginia Center for Politics
  • Marc Thiessen

    Marc Thiessen

    Political commentator
  • Leslie Sanchez

    Leslie Sanchez

  • Richard Fowler

    Richard Fowler

    Radio host
  • Anthony Scaramucci

    Anthony Scaramucci

    Co-managing partner & founder, SkyBridge Capital; Fox Business contributor
  • Rachel Campos-Duffy

    Rachel Campos-Duffy

    TV pundit and author
  • Nomiki Konst

    Nomiki Konst

    Political analyst, communications strategist
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