The Kelly File

Thursday on 'The Kelly File'

Thursday on 'The Kelly File'

Reaction to a contentious final debate, plus a look at what voters can expect as Clinton and Trump are set to face off again with high profile speeches just 24 hours later


  • Katrina Pierson

    Katrina Pierson

    Trump campaign national spokesperson
  • Pete Hoekstra

    Pete Hoekstra

    Former Republican congressman for Michigan
  • Robert Zimmerman

    Robert Zimmerman

    Democratic strategist
  • Marc Thiessen

    Marc Thiessen

    Political commentator
  • David Clarke

    David Clarke

    Milwaukee sheriff
  • Richard Fowler

    Richard Fowler

    Radio host
  • Stuart Stevens

    Stuart Stevens

    Author, political consultant
  • Katie Pavlich

    Katie Pavlich

    Fox News contributor
  • Nomiki Konst

    Nomiki Konst

    Political analyst, communications strategist
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