The Kelly File

Thursday on 'The Kelly File'

Thursday on 'The Kelly File'

'Kelly File' exclusive: Retired four-star general and former commander of US forces in Afghanistan on why he believes Hillary Clinton should be the next president


  • John Allen

    Gen. John Allen

    Retired four-star general
  • Brian Fallon

    Brian Fallon

    Press secretary for Hillary Clinton
  • Brit Hume

    Brit Hume

    Fox News senior political analyst
  • Michael Flynn

    Michael Flynn

    Former Defense Intelligence Agency director
  • Robert Zimmerman

    Robert Zimmerman

    Democratic strategist
  • Tezlyn Figaro

    Tezlyn Figaro

    National director of Racial Justice
  • Bill Burton

    Bill Burton

    Political strategist
  • Marc Thiessen

    Marc Thiessen

    Political commentator
  • Bill Bennett

    Bill Bennett

    Former United States Secretary of Education
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