The Kelly File

Thursday on 'The Kelly File'

Thursday on 'The Kelly File'

President-elect Trump kicks off his 'Thank You' tour in Ohio as we learn more details about the deal he brokered with Carrier


  • Bill Bennett

    Bill Bennett

    Former United States Secretary of Education
  • Jack Keane

    Jack Keane

    Retired four-star Army general
  • Pete Hegseth

    Pete Hegseth

    Fox News contributor
  • Carl Higbie

    Carl Higbie

    Veteran and Trump supporter
  • David Benham

    David Benham

  • Jason Benham

    Jason Benham

  • Nomiki Konst

    Nomiki Konst

    Political analyst, communications strategist
  • Katie Pavlich

    Katie Pavlich

    Fox News contributor
  • Jon Soltz

    Jon Soltz

    Iraq veteran
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