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Oliver North on Assignment

Planning Major Afghanistan Offensive

Oliver North on Assignment : NATO and Afghan security forces are gearing up to take back Kandahar, the city that is the Taliban's birthplace

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  1. Battlefield Rescues

    Wounded Marines medevaced in Afghanistan

  2. Rescue Pilots Save Lives

    Footage of U.S. troops giving medical support

  3. Help From Above

    Attack helicopters' crucial role in the Afghan War

  4. Denial of Service

    Taliban bullies Afghan cell carriers into cutting service

  5. Detained Men Tied to Taliban?

    U.S. forces detain two men in opium processing lab allegedly tied to Taliban

  6. Narco-Terror Training

    Training special operation, DEA units to combat narco-terrorism

  7. Taliban's Financial Lifeline

    U.S. Marines expanding efforts to curb Afghan opium trade

  8. Another War Strategy

    'Shura' meetings with tribal elders give hope for peace

  1. Drug War

    Oliver North on Assignment : DEA officials work with Afghan locals to battle Taliban's nacro-insurgency

  2. The Battle for Kandahar

    Oliver North on Assignment : Troops gearing up for surge effort in Afghanistan

  3. Winning Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan

    Oliver North on Assignment : 'Pedro' helicopter team rescues injured Afghan child

  4. Easter Service in Kandahar

    Oliver North on Assignment : U.S. troops attend Easter service in Afghanistan

  5. Taliban to Blame for Crash?

    Oliver North on Assignment : Terror group claiming responsibility for Osprey crash that killed 3 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

  6. FOX News Cameraman Helps Rescue Injured Marine From Insurgent Blast in Afghanistan

    A FOX News cameraman helped save the life of an injured Marine in Afghanistan — and was injured himself — when the armored Humvee convoy he was traveling in was stru...

  7. Scenes From a War Zone

    American troops giving aid to the injured