Earth from above: Astronauts photograph our planet

Astronaut like André Kuipers, Doug Wheelock, Soichi Noguchi and others have been tweeting back stunning photos of Earth from the International Space Station. Here are some of their pictures and thoughts.


Mar. 10, 2012: Over the Southern Lights between Antarctic and Australia.



Mar. 7, 2012: The Sahara remains amazing. A mysterious crater in Mauritania -- but what is it? Read more



Feb. 6, 2012: Paris by night.



Feb. 10, 2012: Denmark with Copenhagen, Norway with Oslo, Sweden with Stockholm in the distance, northern Germany and beyond. And the Aurora Borealis of course.



Jan. 22, 2012: Beautiful reflection of the Sun in a Brazilian river.


Sunrise From Space

June 20: "A stunning sunrise aboard the International Space Station, as seen from the Russian MRM1 Module. We're blessed with 16 sunrises each day!" notes Wheelock.


Aurora From Space

June 20: "A breath-taking masterpiece being painted in the sky over the South Pole. 'The Southern Lights' brush strokes from the Master's hand..." writes Douglas Wheelock.


Sunlight Glints off Mediterranean

"Beautiful reflection of sunlight on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. No borders or conflict visible from space…just breath-taking beauty like this view of the island of Cyprus," wrote astronaut Doug Wheelock.

Doug Wheelock / Twitpic

Aurora and Stars

April 3: As the International Space Station flew through an aurora (at speeds of 17,500 mph), our camera-happy astronaut caught a series of great photos. His comment: "The Stars "fall" in love with Aurora in April. Priceless!"

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Through the Aurora

April 5: Fly through Aurora at 28,000 kmh. Happy 1,000 tweets :-)

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Aurora and Moon

April 6: "Aurora, Moon, and my home away from home," writes our flying shutterbug.

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Shuttle Launch Pad

April 5: Space Shuttle Discovery ready for launch in 5 hours! KSC, Florida, USA.

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Soyuz TMA-18 Docks

April 4: Soyuz TMA-18 successfully docked to ISS. Welcome on board, Sasha, Misha, and Tracy!!!

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic


April 2: Italy big view.

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Full Moon

March 28: Moon rise today.

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Planet Earth

March 28: Big Venezuela. 

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Vietnam Coast

Vietnam pacific coast.

Astro_Soichi / Twitpic

Northern Australia

"Impressive river flow," said Noguchi.

Beijing, China

Noguchi asked his Twitter followers, "Can you see the Olympic studium?"

Kobe, Japan

"Port islands, Rokko mountain, and Kobe beef," Noguchi captioned.

Dead Sea

"Water surface is 400m below sea level, but very clearly visible 400km above ground," said Noguchi.

Happy Valentine's Day

Noguchi wished a "Happy Valentines Day from Space to all of my followers on this beautiful planet!"

View From Node 2 Window

"View from Node 2 window. Background is Africa," said Noguchi.

Mt. Aso

"Japan, ancient volcano," Noguchi said.

Brussels, Belgium

"Home country of ISS exp.21 CDR Frank De Winne. Ca va?" asked Noguchi.


Bahrain. Feel like fishing?

Syndey, Australia

Sydney, Australia. Should be Mid-Summer down-under.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia. Big city near Equator.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania


Feb. 6: "Antilles, near Venezuela."

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Maldives Islands, Indian Ocean

Feb. 3:"Breathtakingly beatiful!"

Banff, Canada

Feb. 5: "Looks like plenty of snow for ski."

Sapporo, Japan

Feb. 3:"Someday I would like to go to Snow Festival!

Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A

Feb. 3: "Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-130 is ready to launch on Sunday!!!"

Full Moon

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Feb. 3: "Three weeks after the earthquake."


Feb. 4: "Where is Mar Lion?"

Moscow, Russia

Feb. 5: "Star City is far back on the right upper corner."

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Feb. 5: "Oh, I miss pho noodle!"

Casablanca, Morocco

Feb. 6: "Here is looking at you, kid!" 

London, England, United Kingdom

Feb. 7: "First time that I saw the whole city without any cloud."

Pico De Orizaba, Mexico

Feb. 7: "The highest mountain in Mexico."

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Feb. 8: "Congrats, New Orleans Saints"

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Clouds and Anvils

August 19, 2003: Cumulonimbus clouds and anvils over Canada as seen from the International Space Station.


Wind, Sand and Stars

Jan 3, 2003: Cloud patterns over the Sahara.


From Moon to the Earth

Dec. 7, 1972: A view of Earth from Apollo 17.


Swirls in Sand

Dec. 12, 2007: As seen from the International Space Station, the Richat Structure in Mauritania's Gres de Chinguetti Plateau.


Hawaii From on High

Oct. 8, 2003: Clouds over Oahu, Hawaii.



February 1984: Astronaut Robert C. Stewart tests the nitrogen-propelled, hand-controlled manned maneuvering unit as part of an extravehicular activity during Flight 41-B of the space shuttle Challenger.


The Gift of Egypt

Oct. 11, 2007: Clouds over North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, a scenic view of the Nile River, the Nile River Delta, Gulf of Suez and part of the Sinai Peninsula in Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiyah, Egypt.


Clouds Over Mexico

Oct. 8, 2007:  A bright cloud over the Gulf of Mexico.


Mountain Deltas

May 2, 2002: An alluvial fan between China's Kunlun and Altun Mountains.


A Hurricane as Seen From Higher Climbs

Sept. 3, 2007: Hurricane Felix Over the Caribbean Sea.


Chilean Cloud Cover

Sept. 7, 2007: Cloud over the Pacific Ocean, off the Coast of República de Chile.


Earth, the Blue Planet

Dec. 7, 1972: Earth's South Pole covered in clouds.


Man and His Planet

Aug. 15, 2007: NASA Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson and Earth are reflected in Anderson's helmet visor.


Eye of the Hurricane

Sept. 3, 2007: Hurricane Felix over the Caribbean Sea.


Heavenly Splendor

Aug. 20, 2007: Clouds over the Earth's surface.


Earth from above: Astronauts photograph our planet

Astronaut like André Kuipers, Doug Wheelock, Soichi Noguchi and others have been tweeting back stunning photos of Earth from the International Space Station. Here are some of their pictures and thoughts.

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