Animals stuck in places where animals don't belong
A slideshow inspired by current events, and the cuteness of animals stuck in strange places where they clearly do not belong. 

Dog Stuck in Wall

This German Shepherd got stuck in this hole in the wall at a California home back in 2010.

"My initial reaction was, 'Wow, how'd he get in there?'” Riverside County Animal Services Sgt. James Huffman said at the time. "And why is there a hole that big in the wall?"

(Spoiler alert: there's an even better photo of this dog later on in this slideshow.) 

(Riverside County Animal Services)


This may or may not be the actual monkey Iran claims to have launched into space. But one thing's for sure: it's definitely stuck. 

(AP/ISNA, Mohammad Agah)


Speaking of monkeys...remember this guy? This dapper monkey made headlines when it was found wandering around outside a Toronto IKEA clad in diapers and a shearling coat. He unstuck himself from its crate inside a parked car in December and roamed around outside until store employees lured it into a corner where it was captured and eventually reunited with its owner. 



Tennis, anyone? This herd of American bison ran away from home and onto this tennis court inside a hoity toity gated community in Pikesville, Maryland. A bunch of jeans-wearing neighbors backed them into a corner to get them off the court. 



This 30-foot whale washed up along the shore of Breezy Point, N.Y. in late December. Despite heroic efforts to get this finback unstuck, this whale tale didn't end well.

(Breezy Point Fire Department)


This peacock drew crowds of onlookers when it broke out of the Central Park Zoo and moved on up to the Upper East Side. The bird settled in on a fifth-floor window ledge. Where it stayed. For 18 hours. Until the bird got bored, fluttered his feathers and flew back home. 



This dolphin lost his way and ended up stuck in the polluted mucky waters of Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal in late January. The New York Police Department and marine experts stood watch, hoping it would free itself during high tide. Not so much, sadly. This aquatic adventure, too, didn't end well.  

(AP/Richard Drew)


Animal House! This bear wandered into a dorm complex at the University of Colorado Boulder. Somehow he ended up in a tree, where he was hit with tranquilizer darts by state wildlife officials. The nearly 200-pound cub fell out of the tree and onto the trampoline. Where he bounced up and down a few times. And yes, there is video, and it's awesome.  

(AP Photo/CU Independent, Andy Duann, File)


A donkey sits on its..rear end...after getting stuck inside an abandoned well in Minnesota. Firefighters dismantled the well to free the donkey, who got out of there alive and relatively unscathed. As for the well, well, it didn't survive. 

(AP Photo/The Daily Journal, Jeffrey Hage)


The photo caption on this AP photo we found says this Panda was "stranded in bush, immobilised by fear after scared by wild dogs" in Sichuan Province, China. This panda looks happy as a clam to us, but we're no experts and shall defer to the wire service on this one. 



Good golly Miss Molly. This 11-month old kitten spent two weeks trapped inside the walls of a New York deli (there are worse places to be stuck.) Molly was finally rescued by a fearless volunteer who climbed into the wall to get the scaredy cat, who was stuck between bricks and sheet metal inside the 19th century building in Greenwich Village. 

(AP Photo/Dima Gavrysh)


This five-ton elephant slipped into a ditch in the jungles of eastern Thailand. This photo shows the animal being hoisted up in the air and lifted by a backhoe, part of an elaborate and days-long rescue effort to save the 50-year old wild pachyderm.  

(AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong)


How cute is this chipmunk! He was momentarily trapped inside a bird feeder after its top cover closed at a Michigan home. But don't worry, they say it found freedom soon after this photo was taken and got out of there alive and without any help. 

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)


Ok, so maybe this animal isn't exactly stuck. But it's an emu named Mu. 

Mu the Emu!

UPDATE: Actually, we've been informed that Mu the Emu is in fact stuck in a place it doesn't belong--this slideshow of stuck animals!   



A National Guardsman out on patrol spotted this dog with his head stuck in a New Orleans fence. Not sure how the dog got into that situation in the first place, but here's a photo of him being set free by this National Guardsman. 




Oh deer. This buck is skating on thin ice. The mule deer tries to slide himself off this frozen lake in Golden, Colorado. State animal experts said the deer was most likely unable to get himself off the ice either due to injury, exhaustion, or the slipperiness of the ice. 

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)


This 8-foot-long alligator was found stuck in a drain blocks away from an elementary school in Largo, Florida back in February. Authorities and local residents worked together to get the gator's head unstuck from the drain opening and then hoisted it up out of the sewer. It was then sent  to live on an alligator farm elsewhere in the state. 

(Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)


Here's another photo of that stuck alligator.


(Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)


This 11-year-old lioness named Shackle growls as it lays on an alter at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Beach, Texas. The lion and her owner waded took cover inside the church during Hurricane Ike.

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)


Some felines prefer to catch their zzz’s in a bed, inside, by the heater. Others, like this one in northern Virginia, see no problem contorting themselves into a flower pot.



This adorable teeny tiny baby koala sits inside a Vegemite jar.



Solly the hippo was stuck for three days in this swimming pool at Monate Conservation Lodge in South Africa. The hefty hippo was chased away from its herd and wandered into the pool at this game reserve. 

(Govan Whittles/Eyewitness News)


This teeny terrier named Toy was zip-lined to safety after finding himself stuck and stranded on an island in the middle of a Los Angeles lake. Los Angeles animal control officers said they didn't believe the rescue call when it came in. 

"I had to come out and see for myself before sending somebody out because it didn't seem possible," said Armando Navarrete with Los Angeles Animal Services.  "When I got here, I saw a little terrier stranded, huddled between the palm trees trying to stay out of the water."

Animal control swam out to the puppy and set up a zip line to shimmy Toy back to shore without getting him wet. 


Dog Stuck in Wall

And here's the flipside of that California hole in the wall--the tail end of this German Shepherd, and our slideshow. 

(Riverside County Department of Animal Services )

Animals stuck in places where animals don't belong

A slideshow inspired by current events, and the cuteness of animals stuck in strange places where they clearly do not belong. 

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