Cuddly Killers
You may want to hug many of these adorable animals, but many have a wild side. Take a look at these cuddly killers.


You may think panda bears are cute and cuddly but don't let their serene nature fool you. Panda bears are wild animals and have been known to attack humans who enter their enclosure or irritate them. Gu Gu from the Beijing zoo has mauled humans on three separate occasions -- leaving his latest victim's bone exposed.



Who hasn’t seen a picture of a baby chimpanzee lovingly clinging to a human?  Chimps are adorable and one of our closest animal relatives, but they are much stronger than humans and  prone to nasty temper tantrums.  Last year, a pet chimpanzee attacked a woman and destroyed most of her face.


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Polar Bears

Polar bears' white fur, quiet nature and iconic Coca-Cola image lead many to underestimate these cute creatures.  You wouldn't want to meet one of these cuddly fur balls in the wild, the polar bear is the largest and most carnivorous bear in the wild.  Polar bears are very territorial and parents will do anything to protect their young.


The platypus is one of a kind, and its endearingly-weird looks make it irresistibly cute.  Don’t let its cuddly exterior fool you, adult male platypi have a venomous spur near their feet.  Although the toxin delivered by the spur is not lethal to humans, it can kill smaller animals and causes humans incapacitating pain.  



The Hippopotamuses’ stately demeanor gives the impression that these giant herbivores relax in the mud all day, minding their own business.  But these portly river-dwellers are highly territorial – viciously attacking anyone or anything encroaching on their area.  In fact, Hippos are often considered the most aggressive animal in Africa. 



Slow Loris

The slow loris’ oversized eyes and clingy nature give it a paltry charm.  But you won’t want to give a slow loris a hug, this primate is one of the few poisonous mammals on Earth.  It secretes the toxin on its inner elbow to either slather on its young for protection or store in its mouth for a venomous bite.  The poison isn’t deadly to humans, but causes painful swelling.   




Though they are generally docile and friendly, there have been instances where Kangaroos have viciously attacked humans.  In 2009, a Kangaroo tried to disembowel a man after he tried to stop the animal from drowning his dog.  

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Humans and dogs have been working side by side for centuries and there are roughly 77.5 million dogs owned in the United States.  But "man's best friend" has a feral side, too.  It's been estimated that about 4.5 million Americans are been bitten by a dog each year and 30 people died from dog attacks in 2009.


The life of a Koala is spent in the trees, giving them a naturally gripping disposition.  Just be sure not to corner a Koala, or an innocent hug could result in deep gashes.  Koalas aren't natural fighters, but will use their razor-sharp tree climbing claws if they feel threatened.  



Swans are one of the most recognized symbols of love and majestic grace.  This image is a sharp contrast to swans' true aggressive nature.  Swans regularly bite and hit humans and are willing to fight to death to protect their young.  Swans will also sometimes attack from the sky in attempts to drown their predators.  


Cuddly Killers

You may want to hug many of these adorable animals, but many have a wild side. Take a look at these cuddly killers.

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