One youngster decided to take his frustration about the ‘deflategate’ scandal straight to the science fair and won a top spot in the process.

Ben Goodell, a 12-year-old from Lynn, Massachusetts is an admitted fan of the New England Patriots and the team’s quarterback Tom Brady. In an eight-page report, the 7th-grader set out to debunk deflategate using an official NFL football. Goodell inflated the ball to regulation size and placed it through the various weather conditions that occurred during the now infamous deflategate game.

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Goodell, who stresses he’s not related to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, told CBS Boston, “Every single time I did this test the PSI dropped at least 2 PSI. That means it was scientifically proven that Tom Brady didn’t deflate the footballs, and it was just the weather conditions.”

He continued, “I don’t think it was fair for them to just say he’s a cheater.”

Brady received a four-game suspension for deflategate, which was subsequently overturned by a federal judge.