A California organization is ready to serve eviction notices to bears as warmer weather is diminishing their food supply and forcing them to look to humans to eat.

With ongoing drought conditions, the bears’ natural diet of shoots, berries and pine cones will be in short supply, increasing the likelihood of them having an encounter with humans.

Ann Bryant, the executive director of Lake Tahoe’s Bear League, told Fox 40 that she and a group of trained volunteers use loud noises to drive bears away from communities.

“They fight to survive, and if it means breaking down a door or checking to see if a window got left open, that’s what they’re going to do,” Bryant told the station. “A hungry animal will not just give up.”

The organization has driven hibernating bears out of homeowners’ crawl spaces during the winter and spring, according to Bryant. None of the bears have been hurt.

“We know what we’re doing,” Bryant said. “We’ve done it hundreds of times.”

Those living in areas frequented by bears are urged to install electric fences and keep garbage and camp food locked away.

“As long as you flip the switch on, the bears will get shocked if they try and go in,” Bryant told Fox 40. “It just shocks them, and they run away, and they don’t want anything to do with that house again.”

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