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Not quite cold fusion: Experiments for freezing temperatures

Extreme weather experiments to try in sub-zero temperatures


Single-digit temperatures may not be much fun, but they can make for some interesting experiments.

- Fill a mug with boiling water and watch what happens when you throw it in the air. The water steams as it creates a smoke cloud and the water freezes instantly on the ground.

- Grab a bottle of bubbles from the summer beach bag and take them outside. Watch as they freeze in their shape and break into pieces when touched.

- Stick a banana outside for about an hour or two and it’ll get as hard as a hammer.

- If you want to see how fast water freezes, take a wet t-shirt and hold it outside. In about one minute, it should be rock solid.

Go ahead, and try these experiments at home. Just make sure you dress for the occasion.

Lauren Blanchard is a graduate of the Junior Reporter program at Fox News. She is now a multi-platform journalist and occasional general assignment news reporter. Follow her on Twitter: @LaurenBlanch12