Things 'Duck Dynasty' didn't tell you

The Robertson family of 'Duck Dynasty' have made their fortune off of their realistic-sounding duck calls and wild redneck antics. However, one thing glaringly missing from the so-called 'duck experts' hit A&E show is any information about ducks.

Here are 5 facts you didn't know about ducks.

  • 1. Ducks don't 'quack'

    Ducks don't 'quack'

    Duck Commander

    If you ask someone what sound does a duck make, their answer will most likely be, "Quack."

    However, most duck calls actually sounds more like chirps, whistles, growls, squeaks, grunts and even "scaup."

  • 2. Ducks have 3 eyelids

    Ducks have 3 eyelids


    Ducks have 3 eyelids; one on top, one on bottom and a third clear eyelid that acts like a goggle on the side of their eyes.

  • 3. Orange is the color of love

    Orange is the color of love


    When choosing a mate, female ducks look for a healthy, orange color in the legs of their male companians.

    When a male duck is receiving the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, he legs and feet should turn a bight orange hue.

  • 4. Ducks have 9-inch what?

    Ducks have 9-inch what?


    Although most male birds do not have penises, the Lake Duck, also known as the Argentine Ruddy Duck has a 9-inch corkscrew penis.

  • 5. Ducks don't get cold feet

    Ducks don't get cold feet


    Ever wonder how a duck is able to swim in icy water without their feet freezing? The water animals have a complex set of capillaries and arteries called retia mirabilia that help transfer heat from the hot, outgoing blood in the arteries to the cold, incoming blood in the veins.

    This system helps their bodies stay warm while their feet stay cold (but safe from frostbite).