At the Bluebird Tavern, a gastropub in Burlington, Vt., bartender Megan McGinn created the Sugar on Snow, a cocktail served February through early April – sugaring months when the maple sap is running. Inspired by the tradition of celebrating the coming of spring by pouring boiling maple syrup over snow, the cocktail makes for an eye catching addition to any winter soiree. The crushed ice snowball on top is always a conversation piece, and the sweet maple combined with smoky bourbon makes for a refreshing and bracing treat that seems almost breakfast-like.


  • 2 Oz Eagle Rare Bourbon
  • 1/4 Oz Green Mountain Organic Maple Liqueur
  • 4 Drops maple bitters
  • Ice cubes
  • Crushed ice (we crush ice in a food processor to a fine texture)
  • Maple syrup (amber)


Step 1:

Pour the bourbon and maple liqueur, over ice and then add the bitters. Stir well to combine and pour in a rocks glass full of ice. Then, using an ice cream scoop, form a tight ball of crushed ice that resembles a snow cone. Add the crushed ice ball on top of the cocktail and drizzle the maple syrup over top of the snowball to taste. It pairs particularly well with pancakes and is just about the perfect accompaniment for being snowed in.