This particular cocktail by Viniq Vodka is featured at TAO in Las Vegas.


  • Covey Run Reisling –(Cocktail 3.5oz) (Double 7oz) (Pitcher ½ bottle)(Fishbowl 1 bottle)
  • Viniq Liqueur – (Cocktail 1oz) (Double 2oz) (Pitcher 4oz)(Fishbowl 8oz)
  • St Germain –(Cocktail .5oz) (Double 1 oz) (Pitcher 2oz)(Fishbowl 4oz)
  • Lemon X - (Cocktail 1oz) (Double 2oz) (Pitcher 4oz)(Fishbowl 8oz)
  • Red Grapes- (Cocktail 4oz) (Double 6oz) (Pitcher 8) (Fishbowl 12)


Muddle grapes, then add St. Germain, viniq and Lemon-X, add Covey Run and fill with ice and stir so grapes are suspended in ice.