Coffee lovers rejoice! Lavazza – Italy’s most authentic coffee – wants to make sure you enjoy every day with their delicious iced cappuccino recipe.


  • Ice
  • Espresso
  • Cold milk
  • Garnish: chocolate powder or flakes
  • Sugar packets



Step 1:

Fill a clear glass cup half way with ice cubes

Step 2:

Brew a double espresso and pour over ice

Step 3:

Pour cold milk froth (recipe below) directly on top

Step 4:

Garish with chocolate powder or flakes

Cold Milk Froth:

Step 1:

Place 4-5 ice cubs, 4 tablespoons skim milk, 2 packets of sugar, 2 pumps of desired flavor and a single espresso into a blender

Step 2:

Blend for one minute, until mixture is a thick and creamy