For a different kind of Boston Tea Party, whip up this crowd-pleasing punch from Finest Kind. The bright ruby red hibiscus flavor of the tea with Maine blueberries creates a red and blue and sparkling beverage that will quench the thirst of the entire team (kids and adults) from kickoff through to victory! Can be created with sparkling soda for a family friendly variation. 


  • One bottle FInest Kind Hibiscus 1753
  • One bottle sparkling wine, 750 ml
  • One liter fruit juice (best with peach, apricot, mango, or pear)
  • One pint blue berries
  • Water for ice mold
  • For kid-friendly version, replace sparkling wine with one liter of ginger ale


Prepare the ice mold. Fill circular bund pan half way with water, add berries, freeze.

Prepare the punch! Add all ingredients to punch bowl, and enjoy.