Mid-Century Modern in Unlikely Locale Is This Week's Most Popular Home

When you think of Mid-Century Modern showcase homes, you probably think first of California or stretches of the Northeast. But this week's most popular property on realtor.com® is a classic MCM plopped right in the middle of Ohio! It's a well-maintained slice of vintage American architecture in an area where the winters are frigid and home designs rarely feature the signature indoor-outdoor flow of MCMs.

It'll be a challenge to find "a banner-carrying Mid-Mod enthusiast who truly appreciates the built-ins and intentional spaces" in Ohio, according to the listing agent for this four-bedroom time capsule. We think it's safe to say this home would easily quadruple in price were it located along the coast of California.

Away from the outlier in Ohio, we also noted the recurring interest in homes with dubious decor. Three of this week's most popular homes are notable not for their architecture, but for their ignominious interior spaces. There's a pink and teal stumble in Michigan, an overwrought apartment in Tennessee, and an Oregon home crammed with design details best forgotten.

We hope you'll remember to peruse all 10 homes on this week's list of most popular properties, pre-Labor Day edition. Scroll down and enjoy!

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10. 7375 McCowans Ferry Rd, Versailles, KY

Price: $1,750,000
Why it's here: It's not a log cabin—it's a log mansion. This majestic two-story home made of timber sits on 118 acres in the Bluegrass State. Buyers with equine dreams in the heart of horse country will surely enjoy the two barns on the property.


9. 1405 Turnberry Way, Bel Air, MD

Price: $784,500
Why it's here: This big brick Colonial is a true classic. Built in 1992, the home has a facade that harkens to a bygone era. Plus it's quite a steal: With over 6,000 square feet of living space, this two-story home comes in at only $126 per square foot.


8. 978 Ottawa Dr, Youngstown, OH

Price: $199,999
Why it's here: This classic stone mansion is a also bargain. Built in 1925, it retains many of its original finishes and features. We love the classic tile in the bathroom, the spiral stairs, and the original woodwork surrounding the stately fireplace.


7. 1289 Forest Bay Dr, Waterford Township, MI

Price: $799,000
Why it's here: On the market for nearly three months, this Michigan gem was recently discovered by decor junkies who made it a viral sensation. While the home appears normal from the outside, the inside is a "Miami Vice"-themed meltdown. The teal! The hot pink! The furniture only James "Sonny" Crockett could love! This lakefront property evokes an era where decor went to die. It's offered as a short sale—a buyer can dock a speedboat at nearby Cass Lake.


6. 38 W Wilshire Dr, Phoenix, AZ

Price: $350,000
Why it's here: What you see isn't quite what you get. The amazing photos of this desert dwelling are simply renderings. Beautiful renderings, though! The listing says the plans are in place and the shovels are ready to begin making this Spanish-style home a reality.


5. 4923 Kessler Boulevard East Dr, Indianapolis, IN

Price: $1,750,000
Why it's here: Last week's champ slipped four slots, but the somewhat sordid story of the Kessler Mansion continues to captivate real estate gawkers around the country.


4. 322 Humphrey St, Swampscott, MA

Price: $998,000
Why it's here: Right up the road from Boston, this quaint Queen Anne Victorian offers ocean views. Built in 1883, the home has original details, including stained-glass windows, a wraparound porch, and arches everywhere.


3. 250 Sanders Ferry Rd Apt 38, Hendersonville, TN

Price: $139,900
Why it's here: "If Elvis had a condo in the heart of [Johnny] Cash country, this would be it," says the listing. An ode to excess and extravagance crammed into less than 1,100 square feet, this unit's taste level is on tilt.

There are frescoes on the ceiling, a rococo-style kitchen, and a master bedroom that defies description. Best of all? It's under contract, so someone fell in love with it despite (or because of) the decor.


2. 3521 SE 165th Ave, Portland, OR

Price: $539,000
Why it's here: It's another overstuffed ode to joy. Real estate watchers are quick to share any listing where a home's interior deviates from the norm. This four-bedroom abode is no exception—it's full of stuff. The dining room wallpaper, living room drapes, mirrors, wall hangings, and knickknacks everywhere all conspire to leave looky-loos in a decor-induced daze.


1. 4506 Ravine Dr, Westerville, OH

Price: $525,000
Why it's here: It's a Mid-Century Modern in Central Ohio! Well-preserved, this classic design has grabbed gobs of online attention.

"It's the kind of property that shares easily and often across social media," says listing agent Joe Peffer. The attention is a blessing, but he wants an offer in Ohio.

"We've had a great response from the marketplace," he adds. "Everyone who has shown the home has appreciated the layout, lot, and architecture." But a buyer has yet to materialize.

He has an inkling the buyer might come from outside the area. "There's a finite audience of available buyers in Central Ohio who would dig the beauty enough to carry on the the work of restoration," he explains.

Until then, he's waiting for one of the folks who took the time to share photos of this classic house to "put their money where their mouth is and make an offer."

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