This Brutalist House for Sale in Texas Isn't an Eyesore

The term “Brutalist architecture" doesn’t offer a warm and fuzzy feeling. And there's some truth to a brutalist building being, well, brutal. The much-derided (and sometimes praised) Boston City Hall is a prime example.

But this Brutalist home near Leakey, TX, 90 minutes from San Antonio, breaks the mold. Priced at $949,000, the big building sits on property spanning a whopping 42 acres and is built on the side of a hill.

In true Brutalist style, the property is a behemoth constructed from glass and concrete. The home features soaring 7.5-foot windows and 13-foot high ceilings offering an open and airy vibe in the vastness of the Lone Star State. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a three-car garage all overlooking some seriously picturesque views.

At an elevation of 3,700 square feet, it’s a perfect cocoon from the often-brutal elements—namely, the heat. Even with all the glass and air-conditioning, your wallet won’t take as much of a hit from the energy bill as you might think. According to the listing description, the home was “designed for optimum energy efficiency and maximum utility bill savings."

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The property’s large master suite, located in a separate wing of the L-shaped house, features an open shower, a sunken spa bath, and a large, walk-in closet. There’s a great room for family living and entertaining, an open kitchen, a breakfast nook, and a chef’s island. It's one of the most secluded homes on the range, which is located on a private, quarter-mile road.

To build the house, designers had a crew blast out the side of a 2,200-foot-mountaintop with dynamite before constructing the house out of about a million pounds of concrete, double-paned glass, and reinforced steel.

Brutalist design doesn't ooze curb appeal, but this hot home has some serious Texas-sized luxury on the inside. There’s nothing brutal about that.


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