Live Like a Baller in These 7 Homes With Indoor Basketball Courts

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    Indoor Basketball Court 1

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    Indoor Basketball Court 2

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    Indoor Basketball Court 3

The tip-off of the NBA season is upon us, but a home with its own indoor basketball court means there never has to be an off-season. If you've worked your way up to an NBA-level salary, perhaps you too can afford to always have the home-court advantage.

With your own private court, you can take your game to the next level without leaving the property, invite your pals over to shoot a few hoops, or just live like a baller. You may never shoot like the Splash Brothers or dunk like Durant, but no one will ever know, since you won't have to leave the privacy of your own home to chase your hoop dreams.

13808 S Canyon Dr, Phoenix AZ

The price: $2.5 million
Fast break: Get away from it all while working on your mid-range jumper. With these amazing views out of the massive windows, there's no excuse for missing a day at the gym. Weight and steam rooms adjoin this basketball court, so you can get into peak shape in the lap of luxury.

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66 Barkers Point Rd, Sands Point, NY

The price: $4.5 million
Fast break: Call Coach K! You can slap the court like it's March Madness year-round on this Blue Devil-bedecked court. If you're a Duke hater, it shouldn't take much to update this court and pledge your allegiance to an alma mater without Duke's legacy of hateable players.

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202 Hobble Creek Cyn, Springville, UT

The price: $8 million
The fast break: This court features windows that'll give you a view of the mountains while you're working on your three-point shot. If practice doesn't make perfect, and you're still shooting bricks, there's also a private softball field and an indoor swimming pool to work up a sweat.

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801 Mooreland Ln, Murfreesboro, TN

The price: $8.9 million
The fast break: Grand staircases, floor-to-ceiling windows, fountains, waterfalls -- and a basketball court? Believe it or not, the court is the least opulent room in this immense estate. Well, you have to stay in shape while you're letting others eat cake. This palatial mansion also features a yoga studio and a bowling alley, in addition to the home court.

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44 Sky View Dr, Avon, CT

The price: $3.95 million
Fast break: This court comes complete with foldout bleachers -- all you have to do is provide the fans. And perhaps some popcorn. In case you need an alternative way to catch some air, there's also a climbing wall installed in the facility.

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78370 Coyote Canyon Ct, La Quinta, CA

The price: $3.795 million
Fast break: A game room (complete with wet bar!) overlooks the court if you need to grab an adult beverage after a game of one-on-one. It's also perfect if you need a plush perch to watch your kids work on their dribbling drills. If basketball isn't your bag, simply walk down the street to the nearby golf course.

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6311 E 105th St, Tulsa, OK

The price: $3.5 million
Fast break: You can host an away team at this property, which features two separate sleeping quarters with their own entrances and kitchenettes. A home theater and a wood-paneled billiard room are also available if you're looking for more leisurely entertainment.