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Kellie Pickler shares her at-home style secrets

Fox Lifestyle: The country songstress launched her lifestyle collection, Selma Drye, as an homage to her great-grandmother


Kellie Pickler may be best known for her soulful songs and hit CMT series “I Love Kellie Pickler” but did you know this songstress is also a style maven when it comes to interior design?

In 2015, Pickler started her very own line of home décor inspired by her great-grandmother Selma Drye. The line, an ode to traditional Southern, was inspired by her great-grandmother's roots.

“My great-grandmother lived right in front of us so I spent a lot time with her growing up. And she was a simple, simple woman,” Pickler tells  

“She didn’t have a lot but she made the best of what she had. Lots of multi purpose use items…I thought that was important to marry that into this particular line.”

The collection, which officially launched in spring 2015, features frames, candles, pillows, dishes, aprons, canisters and select furniture pieces. It was the first artist-curated merchandise collection avaiible on—the official site of Nashville’s world famous Grand Olde Opry showcase.  

Kellie says all of the items in her collection are designed to make a house feel like a cozy home with candles, picture frames, cups and pillows that "just making everything feel like it’s hugging you." But her number one home decorating tip? Make your house smell inviting.

"I think smell is a big thing. Smell just triggers so many memories and emotions so candles can help that," says the singer.

Pickler says her designs take Southern charm to the next level. And her pieces can easily fit into a wide variety of décor styles—from sleek and modern, to shabby chic. Even her husband songwriter Kyle Jacobs, says there’s something in the line for those who want something with a manlier aesthetic.

But fans of Pickler’s will undoubtedly be attracted to the affordable price point. Accent pieces in Selma Drye start at just $4.99 and go up to to about $50. 

New items are added to the "Selma Drye by Kellie Pickler" collection each spring,  fall and winter season with a special holiday snow globe to be announced. For some singers, expanding into other markets is a way of building an empire. But for Pickler, Selma Drye is another way to honor her family heritage because "nobody loves you like grandma."

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