Design Firm Marmol Radziner's Must-See Modern Marvel in Los Angeles

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    Neutral backdrop

  • Peace-creating courtyard

    Peace-creating courtyard

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    Light-capturing design

Design firm Marmol Radziner, known for creating modern masterpieces throughout California, has a new design worth a second (and third) look: a brand-new home up for sale in Los Angeles for $6.5 million.

To enter the angular two-story home, you must first pass through a courtyard set between the gate and the front door. It's an architectural flourish employed to inspire a sense of reflection and homecoming.

"It allows for a bit more of a progression to the house, allows you to slow down, take one step at a time -- like a visual bit of a pause or the first point of decompression as you leave the street," says Ron Radziner, co-owner of Marmol Radziner.

The 4,775-square-foot house, completed in June, incorporates an extensive use of glass, including 11-foot sliding doors in the great room. The walls, which sometimes angle at a sharp 90 degrees, incorporate glass and result in a spectacular feeling of openness. "You really do have a good view anywhere in the house," Radziner says.

"In a contemporary home, the goal is not to feel cold, but warm and natural," Radziner explains. "We tried to maximize that sense of indoor-outdoor space inside the home. The exterior light flows in and bounces off the walls. It makes the interior feel open and inviting." Radziner notes the firm chose a "light palette of materials" throughout the home to create warmth.

The floor plan is similarly designed with openness in mind. On the main floor, the open kitchen is set in at the end of an L-shaped design, which places it "right at the heart of the house," Radziner says. A dining area extends outside to a covered patio with fireplace. It's situated near the rectangle pool and is designed to make you feel like you're still inside.

Upstairs, the home's five bedrooms connect to a lounge, a "semiprivate transition space" that "gives opportunities for a family to be together," Radziner says. The whole house is designed with this concept in mind -- an informal architecture with open spaces and a multitude of windows where a family "can be in different parts but still be visually connected," he says.

All that remains is for a buyer to connect with this sublime modern vision in Los Angeles.