Fantasy Collides With Sci-Fi in This Minimalist Joshua Tree Dream Home

  • The tiny bathroom.

    The tiny bathroom.

  • Tattooine?!


  • A desert escape.

    A desert escape.

Away from the halls of comic book conventions, "The Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars" are polar opposites -- but somehow, this one-bedroom home in Joshua Tree, CA, managed to combine them both.

"When I first visited, I was stoked," says listing agent Paul Karr. The $189,900 home "is like a cross between a hobbit house and Luke Skywalker's home."

Ever crave a life on Tatooine? The main building's sandy, rocklike exterior blends perfectly into the Yucca Valley scenery. And while the odd arched design faintly resembles the home of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, it serves an important purpose: insulation. The "futuristic insulation" keeps the property cool even in the scorching desert heat.

Insulation isn't the only modern touch. The seller, who had the home custom-built in 2004, added solar panels and a generator to keep this home entirely off the grid.

"It's super energy-efficient and very cheap to live there," Karr says.

Besides the exterior influence of an architect far, far away, the 755-square-foot interior appears to be plucked straight from Hobbiton (despite the home's small footprint, it's roomy enough for Gandalf to stretch out and relax). Reclaimed wood floors and rounded ceilings divided by rustic beams lend an air of fantasy. A writing nook at the room's rear seems custom-built for Bilbo Baggins.

While the kitchen appliances aren't full-size, there's plenty of counter space for even the most elaborate creations -- plus a surprising amount of storage. Guests can dine in the small living and dining area, which is ready for your clever, space-saving solutions.

Speaking of space, while tiny homes do not typically offer much storage, the previous owner found a clever workaround. Outside, one of three insulated shipping containers is dedicated exclusively to long-term storage -- meaning there's no need to ditch all your stuff just because you're downsizing.

Use the other two containers for your hobbies or additional living space. Currently, one serves as a gym and the other is a guest suite in the making (you'll need to install the drywall). The entire layout of the home, located on more than an acre of land, creates a beautiful desert compound that defies the standard perception of a tiny home.

Karr says the home is ideal for buyers looking for a second home that can double as a vacation rental. It's located a stone's throw from Joshua Tree National Park, and its unique dcor is a bonus when listed on sites such as Airbnb.

"Most people looking to get away in the desert are looking for an experience," Karr says. "There's nothing like this out there. It's great for someone who's looking for something really unique."

Just imagine the listing: Luke Skywalker meets Frodo in this desert escape. Sold!