Modern Design Fans, This $3.2M Houseboat in Seattle Will Float Your Boat

  • Houseboat on the water.

    Houseboat on the water.

  • Living space

    Living space

  • View from the deck.

    View from the deck.

Living on the water might seem glamorous, but most houseboats are low on luxury. We're thinking faded carpets, half-size kitchens with old-school fridges, and tiny bedrooms with just a porthole for a window.

But there are a few floating residences that come with all the frills, like this two-bedroom $3.2 million unit floating in Seattle's Lake Union. The 2,000-square-foot home is a modernist masterpiece, with sharp lines, white walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

"It's the most expensive houseboat we've seen in the last 10 years," says listing agent Courtney Cooper of Cooper Jacobs Real Estate Group.

High-end finishes throughout make the space a floating resort. In the full-size kitchen, chefs won't have to fight for space to chop and dice -- wraparound quartz countertops and a large island provide plenty of prep space.

Living on the water requires an appreciation for indoor-outdoor living, and this home makes excellent use of its outdoor space. A small patio downstairs is perfect for barbecuing and relaxing, but the roof deck is the coup de grace. There's more than enough room for a veritable fiesta -- and there's even a faux-grass lawn to make lounging by the water that much more comfortable.

Despite the home's stunning architecture, the surrounding blue water is the star of the show.

"You see seaplanes taking off and landing and people kayaking by," says Cooper. "It's the orientation on the water first, then a home second."

With a built-in dock and moorage for your "companion boat," buyers can do more with the water than just stare at it. You can take a jaunt to Lake Washington or go for a quick swim.

Because the neighborhood operates like an HOA or condo association, the houseboat is treated like a home for property tax purposes, unlike many other houseboats. But the small, close-knit gated community of Wards Cove is a huge benefit, says Cooper. It's a "floating home community" that hosts wine nights and offers a neighborhood watch.

"You can be a retiree and travel and not worry about the maintenance of your home and the yard or people breaking in," says Cooper.