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How to spice up a neutral kitchen

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Despite the benefits of neutral kitchens, such as enhanced natural light and an emboldened sense of cleanliness, many homeowners find neutral kitchens so boring. Never fear. With a few design tweaks, you can get all the advantages of neutral kitchens with a little added excitement.

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1. Vary the neutrals. Homeowners enthusiastic about an all-white kitchen sometimes are surprised by just how much white that really is. That’s why designers know to play with a richer mix of hues that offer a bit of interest to the eye while still maintaining neutrality.

2. Introduce black for contrast. Black is perhaps the best way to break up a white color scheme. It provides contrast that helps the eye rest and lends a classic style.

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3. Bring in gold and brass accents. Gold and brass details can be just the thing to make an otherwise white kitchen shine.

Antiqued brass can appear in cabinet hardware, light fixtures or vent hoods. The finish helps create sunny little dollops amid the stark space as natural light floods in.

4. Let wood add warmth. One of the most common complaints about neutral kitchens is that they appear too sterile. Some even say they feel like hospital rooms.

A simple solution is to bring in natural wood accents wherever you can. A kitchen benefits a great deal not just from wood floors, but also from a trio of wood bar stools. Even a wood cutting board, serving tray and knife block go a long way toward ridding the space of harshness.

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5. Focus on cabinet and millwork details. In a grand space, white cabinets could come off as imposing if you don’t pay attention to detail in the millwork. For example, matching end panels, cathedral-style glass fronts, a coffered ceiling, crown molding and a wood range hood with oversize corbels pack a lot of character.

6. Play with the floor pattern. Soothing white cabinets paired with a herringbone-patterned floor can help keep the white from overwhelming.