Rock God Tommy Lee Selling His Not-so-Motley Estate in Calabasas for $6M

  • Tommy Lee

    Tommy Lee  (2011 Getty Images)

  • The boys' room

    The boys' room

  • Bang on the drums

    Bang on the drums

Mtley Cre drummer and rock god Tommy Lee just put his Calabasas, CA, home up for sale, and we'd love to call it our "Home, Sweet Home," because this fantastic abode is far from a typical rocker pad.

Listed for just shy of $6 million, the home has five bedrooms for all your girls, girls, girls (or just, you know, your family) and six bathrooms. There's also plenty of living space, but that isn't even the half of it.

The entire home is built around a three-story, open-air atrium. On the ground floor are a koi pond and mature bamboo trees. On the top floor is a retractable roof.

"It is just amazing. When you walk in you have all this beautiful greenery. Even if you're in a bedroom on the third floor, you can still hear the flowing water from the pond. It is very calming," says listing agent Allyson Carter with Rodeo Realty.

The ground-level master suite is bonkers (in a good way!) with one of the coolest paper lantern displays we've ever seen, french doors leading to the pool, and a walk-in closet that goes on for days. And if you feel like smokin' in the boys room, you can do so in style in the massive bathroom suite complete with spa tub and mirrored ceiling.

There's also a media room, bar, wine cellar, and two kitchens, but there's more. This is Tommy Lee's house, y'all, so of course there's a recording studio and of course it's glorious.

The studio spans 3,000 square feet and is partly subterranean. "The live [recording] rooms are below ground so you can't hear a thing [in the main house]," says Carter. The recording room is above ground (with french doors leading outside). While the drum kit and gold records won't be part of the package, we're sure the next owners will be inspired to create some sweet music of their own.